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   Chapter 74 What if I have evidence

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6826

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"I've been talking with her for such a long time. Who the hell is she?"

"Do you want to hype and become famous? How can you speak out such words... "

"You really did a good job! You are really good at acting!"

"Well, she is a little bit beautiful. But she is so popular among those women..."

The discussion under the stage became more and more harsh. Kelvin sat under the stage, and his nails bit by bit into his flesh, leaving long and thin bloodstains.

She couldn't prove that she is innocent anymore, so why should she let Cassandra endure all these things?

Kelvin closed his eyes for a while. When she opened her eyes again, there was no expression on her face. She was still the indestructible woman. Her existence was to solve these troubles.

Then Kelvin heard Cassandra's cold voice——

"Three years ago, it was Kelvin who made a refined Carla famous star. Three years ago, Kelvin did like Carla She planned and even was willing to quit the showbiz for him. But what Carla gave her in return was to make use of her lies from the beginning to the end. After building up with a better relationship, he created the news that destroyed Kelvin in order to get rid of her Do you think it's an unbearable shame for him to step out of the circle? Do you think he is proud and ambitious? It's all Kelvin's idea to draw the attention of the circle for him, but she is willing to take the blame for him! "

In an instant, the whole scene suddenly became deathly quiet. Everyone was stunned and unbelievable.

How could it be possible

The breaking news about Carla soon became the hottest topic. Later, the person involved in the news admitted that it was unbearable to bear pressure and insult and that they would quit the showbiz forever

Back then, Kelvin also chose to acquiesce in their relationship and took the initiative to leave the World Media

Was it a well planned scene?

But why didn't Kelvin stand out to prove her innocence?

But when he thought carefully, he found that the headline on the mic

office. She sat on the couch with a melancholy look. "Now that this kind of news came out, my acting career is completely over. I'm a man It's my responsibility to take care of this. Kelvin, you have to remember that you are the only one I love. I'm willing to do this for you... "

Kelvin sat quietly in the opposite of Carla. After a long time, she raised her head to look at Carla with a smile. "You were brought up by me. I won't watch you go back to your original state. Since someone has to bear the responsibility Let me do it. "

Carla was stunned. "What do you mean, Kelvin?''

The smile on Kelvin's face widened. "I've been in this industry for so many years, and I'm really tired You don't need to worry about that. Just leave it to me. I won't let it affect your future. "

Suddenly, Carla knelt down in front of Kelvin and took Kelvin's hand. "What do you want to do? "I said, I'll pay the price. You are not allowed to do anything to hurt yourself!"! If a man can't even protect his woman, how can I still be a man? "

Kelvin raised her head and looked at the man in front of him, she chuckled and said, "Carla, it's enough for me to have your words, Don't worry, I will handle everything well."

Looking at Kelvin blankly for quite a while, Carla lowered his head and said in a stiff voice, "sorry It's all my fault. I'm just a loser... "

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