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   Chapter 73 she didn't choose the wrong person

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6587

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Next was the shooting ceremony. Everything went on as usual and there was no mistake.

The press interview came soon after the ceremony.

On the stage, Gillian and Andrew were sitting at a table. Although Cassandra was the second heroine in the show, she didn't have a good name and sat on the last seat. Almost no one noticed her, but she felt rather comfortable.

"Mr. Andrew, what are you going to do with your sudden appearance in the World Media?"

"Director Johnny, do you have anything to talk with us about this movie?"

"Ella, It's said that the man who plays with you this time is a b-listed. Do you have anything to say to this star?''

"I heard that director Johnny recruited a few new actors, will their acting skills collapse?"

"Director Johnny, I heard that Molly had made a mistake to play a level three film. What do you think about it?''

In the face of the crazy questions from the journalists, Andrew and Gillian responded quickly. Even Johnny, who didn't like to deal with before, gave a perfect answer.

The atmosphere of the whole party was very lively. In the later period, even Cassandra was asked a few not too heavy topics, which also provided her with a topic for advertising.

It was not until the end of the interview that a reporter dressed in a black casual wear and a black cap on his head suddenly stood up and said in a deep voice under the gaze of everyone, "I have a question to ask, Mr. Gillian."

Gillian waved his hand, with an official smile on his face. "Excuse me.''

The reporter's eyes suddenly became fierce. He sneered, "I heard that the 'golden star' agent of your company, Kelvin, has returned. What? Have you forgotten about that woman so quickly?''

All of a sudden, there was dead silence in this vast space.

Then there was a burst of whispers among the guests.

"Holy shit! What was going on? !"

"Really? Haha, we came here in vain today! "

"Kelvin? Is that woman who was found

e World Media think.''

"She is supposed to get out of the entertainment circle. How dare she come back?"

"Anyway, I can't accept this. If the World Media dare to employ Kelvin, I will be unable to work anymore.''

Seeing that most of the people supported him, the reporter was smug and looked at Cassandra with more disdain.

At this time, on the stage, Cassandra's face was as cold as ice, and a chill spread from her deep eyes.

How had she spent every day and every cold night in the past two years Under the criticism of millions of people, and under the betrayal of his love How did she make it?

Who really cared about that in fact, the person who was slandered and betrayed had always been her?

She held the man up with her own hands to block all the arrows in the wind and rain behind him, but in the end, he was defeated in a desperate way

Cassandra raised her eyes slowly, forcing down the fury that was about to lose control in her eyes. She stared at the journalist with a dark and cold look and said word by word, "how do you know that it was Kelvin who destroyed Carla with a surgery?"

The reporter was startled at first, but then replied angrily, "why didn't I know? Everyone in the upper class knew about it? Humph! You know nothing. Why do you yell at me? Are you insane? "

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