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   Chapter 71 don't you know me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6696

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Make an offer?

Are you insane?!

She couldn't believe that the FX International Group would attract the attention of the World Media!

How ridiculous they were

Oh, no, wasn't she an idiot to actively seize the World Media back then 'how romantic it is! Are you an idiot?'

"Well, I heard that the news about your nephew is very popular. Is he interested in the woman in our company? I guess he should work harder to hit on a girl. " Murmured Cassandra.

In her previous life, she was busy messing around with Martin, so she didn't know much about other members of the Lu family. She only learned from some entertainment news that the nephew, Andrew, had an unusual death style and that he got into trouble with anyone who was in the circle. But because of his important position in the circle and his powerful backer, no one dared to smear him.

As for Andrew himself, she didn't have much impression.

Martin cast a glimpse at her and said, "don't follow him.''

Cassandra was stunned. "What? What did you say? "

I am not a very decent person!

How could she learn to be bad! !

"Flirt with other women," said Martin grimly

Cassandra almost spat out blood: "father, am I not gay?'' Besides, I'm married. I just want to flirt with your sister!

With a slight cough, Cassandra seriously asked, "Mr. Lu, why are you so unconfident?''

With a darkened expression in his eyes, Martin pursed his thin lips and then looked down with a depressed expression. "Don't be naughty, '', he said after a long while

Then, Cassandra shook the scripts in her hand and said to Martin, , "alright, you should go back to your own work. I'll leave you alone and stay here for a while. Oh, the script is so difficult! I feel that my career has encountered an insurmountable barrier! "

The girl was holding the script with a bitter face, and her face was reflected on the black window. For a moment, as if a faint light went through the darkness layers and fell down.

With Marti

The cold voice of the man came again from behind.

Cassandra, "..."

What's wrong with all the men of Lu family?!

Was there not a single normal person?

She was not angry at all. This was her nephew I have to tolerate everything!

Speechless, Cassandra stopped and turned around with a wry smile, "handsome man, I don't think we know each other.''

The man's face suddenly froze, as if covered with a layer of invisible frost. He stared at Cassandra, "don't you know me?''

Cassandra sneered, 'it's normal that I don't know you.'? Who is so naughty like you! How he wished he could sleep with her!

I do need to thank you!

Shaking her head, Cassandra said, "sorry, I don't know you. I have something urgent to do. I'm going to be late..."

"Cassandra How dare you forget me? " The man coldly interrupted Cassandra. He firmly gazed at the girl in front of him, with his fists encircled by his fingers. All of a sudden, the look in his eyes was filled with coldness and fierceness.

If her memory served her right, this was the first time they met. It was normal that Cassandra didn't know Andrew. However, this man's reaction was too strong?

Then Cassandra scratched her head and asked, "man, do you mistake me for someone else? I really have something urgent to do. If I don't leave now, I'll be late. "

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