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   Chapter 70 first day to work

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6848

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While she was full, Cassandra still didn't stop, She grasped the hem of Martin's clothes with one hand and said pathetically," well, Martin, the film crew is on tomorrow It's my first time to work in a film, and I can't remember the lines Can you help me tell my lines? "

A cold sweat ran down Carlos's forehead," Master, do you still remember that you have business to deal with?..."

Carlos didn't dare to say anything, either. After all, if his young master was involved in matters related to Cassandra, he would not play according to the routine.

Lowering his head and looking at the girl's pitiful face in his dark eyes, Martin sighed, "well, of course I can."

How could this be played?!

Who is so bold to forbid Cassandra to go to the World Media?

Now, he not only eloped with her new boyfriend, but also echoed the lines

You're awesome, Cassandra!

Then Cassandra opened the screenplay with a bitter face immediately, "here Here Here Oh, and here All of them... "

Why don't you just say it all?!

Are you blind? Can't you see the papers?

To be honest, I'm impressed!

No wonder Josef always said that Cassandra was a fairy. He didn't believe that his master would be seduced by sweet words. After all, his master was so wise and powerful. Was her body swollen from a general?

At this moment, he watched his master accompany Cassandra to read the script

In the end, all the illusions became embarrased!

In the backyard.

"I'm sorry, Miss Fiona. The young master is busy now He let you go back first and come to the company tomorrow to discuss business. " Carlos summoned up his courage and said.

The young master was busy. He had to set the lines for his wife.

Josef's face turned cold in an instant. He took out the software that he carried around his waist, and said angrily, "I'll help you get rid of this villain right now!''

Carlos was scared out of his wits. He immediately stepped forward and hugged Josef tightly. With his powerful strength, if he stabbed Cassandra, she would

r first day to work, so as her husband, he wanted to drive her to work

Holy shit! 'son of a bitch! How dare you!'?! Why was it so hard to say sweet words! !

However Why did she suddenly feel that Martin was so manly?

Shit! That's it!

She had never thought that the captain of security guards, Martin, could be so smart! !

Then, Cassandra followed Martin into the car. After driving for a few minutes, she suddenly found that the size of Martin's car was so small

What she feared most was the sudden silence of the air

She didn't want to make the atmosphere awkward ……

"Well, Martin, I have only one scene in the afternoon after the opening ceremony. When I'm finished, I'll come to pick you up, okay?" Then Cassandra scratched her head and opened her mouth.

Seeing that, Cassandra thought it was just a chance to make Martin happy! !

"Yes," replied Martin, who lifted his cold eyes from the pile of papers

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched slightly. She had been so active, but Martin reacted so calmly No surprise, no excitement?

Resting her head on one of her hands, Cassandra continued casually, "by the way, I heard that the CEO of the FX International Group will come to our company I remember that he is your nephew? How could they be put in the World Media? "

"No, It's him who asked for it," replied Martin

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