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   Chapter 69 can you be more reserved

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"Okay." Replied Martin.

Cassandra's eyes were wide open and stared at Martin with disbelief. She just intended to make Fiona and Josef jealous, but she did not expect that Martin really agreed.

And she was afraid that Martin had never been in the kitchen before

Would she be poisoned to death tonight?

Why did she suddenly feel that she had dug a deep hole for herself

As soon as Martin finished speaking, he was about to take Cassandra who was staring at him to the kitchen. But Cassandra didn't dare to get rid of him and followed him silently.

There was no change in Fiona's expression from beginning to end. She seemed to remain magnanimous and elegant no matter what happened That was the perfect choice for the wife of the emperor!

"Miss Fiona, don't stop me! That woman had gone too far! Why did she ask the master to cook for her! It's outrageous! " Josef instantly exploded with anger.

How could my master do such a thing with a pair of mysterious hands?' they thought, Damn it!

A hint of imperceptible coldness flashed through Fiona's eyes, but she smiled and comforted, "well, it's a rare opportunity for Martin to have such interest. Just let him go.''

Josef said coldly, "humph! "Such a stupid woman doesn't deserve his master at all!"

"Josef, I don't want to hear it a second time, or I can't save you," Fiona continued, her face turning grim

Josef realized that he had made a slip of the tongue, he lowered his head with a snort and said, "I see, Miss Fiona.''

Then Fiona looked up at her watch and said, "it's getting late, Let's call it a day, I'll fight you later.''

Josef answered, "okay.''

Fiona returned to the sofa and sat down. She still had some business to discuss with Martin but at this moment, she didn't want to disturb him.

She always treated Cassandra with an official attitude. In her eyes, Cassandra was just a plaything of Martin on the spur

and browsing news on microblog. As an official employee, she needed to pay attention to what happened on microblog.

Although she was more clear about the events, she still needed to know some emergency situations.

When Martin was about to bring the bowl of noodles to her, Cassandra immediately put down her phone and reached out for the bowl, However, Martin gave her a cold glance and commanded, "sit down."

Cassandra," ok, father."

Martin was rendered speechless

The next second, the man's face fell instantly. Was he that old?!

Cassandra just graduated from university this year and was 22 years old. However, Martin was in his early thirties. The age gap between them was 8 years, and it was almost 3 generation gaps

Cassandra also sensed that there must be something wrong, so she immediately explained, "it's just a nickname. I don't think you're old Anyway, it's a compliment. "

She just couldn't believe it?!

'never mind. I'd better focus on my noodles, ' she thought.

Then Cassandra picked up the chopsticks and tasted it cautiously. Her face changed all of a sudden.

Damn you!

'Wow, Martin is such a good cook! !

Who said that God opened a door for you and would close a window for you

Apparently, Martin was in a good mode! ! !

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