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   Chapter 68 Cassandra couldn't keep calm

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In the Yan garden, capital.

After settling down the problem of Kelvin, Cassandra unwillingly drove back to the Yan garden, intending to give a surprise to Martin in secret. As soon as the car entered the Yan garden, Carlos rushed to greet it as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

"Cassandra, why do you come back?! Didn't you say that you could live at Scenic Garden and turn on your role tomorrow? " With a guilty conscience inexplicably, Carlos said with a hollow smile.

Cassandra jumped off the car and said: "I can only turn on the role tomorrow. I have nothing to do tonight, so I come back to make an appointment with your master. Is that okay?''

Taking two steps forward, Cassandra perceived that there must be something wrong with Carlos's reaction, so she quietly retreated and put her hand on his shoulder. Carlos was almost scared to death, cold sweat falling instantly from his forehead.

Sister in law, please spare my life!

My master is such a nut to crack, he even steals my wife away from me!''!

All of a sudden, Carlos's back froze and he stared at Cassandra in horror. "I want to hear some good words from you, sister-in-law. Could you please keep your hands off me?''

It took Cassandra two seconds to realize that her behavior was indeed too excessive. If Martin saw it, he might really think that she had planted vegetables on his head.

However, since she was reborn, she had a closer relationship with Carlos.

Then Cassandra let go of Carlos and asked, "where is your young master?''

Carlos swallowed hard. To be honest, he didn't know that Cassandra would be taken back tonight and, more importantly, he was indeed in an awkward situation now

"Well Master is in the backyard Discuss something with Miss Sophia Please, sister-in-law, listen to me, The relationship between master and miss Fiona is nothing but a business! Calm down! !" Said Carlos in a stiff tone.

Fiona again.

It was not until she was reborn that she met Fiona for the second time.

Why did Martin han

ra, what on earth do you want?'

Martin said with a heavy face, "no more foul language.''

Cassandra puckered her lips," You did the wrong thing and now you are scolding me. Martin, don't you love me anymore? Do you have a lover outside? "

Martin felt a little helpless. He knew that Cassandra was deliberately acting, but his emotion was uncontrollably affected.

"I'm sorry. It's my fault." Martin suggested.

"Well, I forgive you for your sincere apology. I'm hungry. Let's eat."

"Why don't you eat well?'', Martin continued, frowning

Dad, I've been busy all day long. Can you stop talking like that? Don't make me sound like I'm committing incest!

All her life was in vain

"I came back as soon as I finished my work so that I can see you earlier," Cassandra immediately flattered him.

Martin, however, was very happy to hear that, He massaged between his eyebrows and asked, "what do you want to eat? I'll ask the cook to make it for you.''

"Martin, I want the noodles you cook, can I?" Cassandra asked with a flattering smile

Josef was speechless, "..."

This witch!

How about my knife! ! I must kill her today! !

Carlos was too stunned to move his eyes away. His sister-in-law seemed to slaughter the city just now, but she turned into a little white flower in a twinkling of an eye

It was an excellent move!

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