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   Chapter 66 I'm willing to

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6541

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"Then do you know, when you are trampled underfoot, cursed by thousands of people, and even when your closest people show you an ugly face Will you keep going? Do you still have the strength to go down? " Said Kelvin, who lowered her eyes forlornly. There was a deep dead silence on her face.

Kelvin's words were like a sharp knife, stabbing into the heart of Cassandra.

She was imprisoned, she lost her freedom, and she was trampled on the dignity. The family could only use deception to her, and the loved one could only laugh at her and hate her


In her previous life, she had been kept in the dark. But this time, she would let them pay for everything she had suffered, even if she had to die!

Cassandra's eyes darkened and there was a murderous look in her deep and cold eyes. She was like a devil coming out of hell, showing no humanity at all.

She was a woman who had been through the gate of hell once There was nothing for her to fear?

"Of course, because I will trample on them one by one I will make them pay for what they have done to me! Why can they enjoy everything while doing bad things But they are going to be trampled underfoot by them! " Cassandra said slowly, gnashing her teeth.

As she spoke, Kelvin's pupils contracted in a hurry. In an instant, something broke through the shackles and came out of her heart!

She had endured for a long time, and even herself thought that she no longer had interest in that circle, and that she had been deceived by herself, so she had no desire to fight

However, what the girl said lit up her fighting spirit.

She was right. That person owed her, and those people bullied her Why should she bear them all?

She was supposed to be at the most dazzling position

The dull and pale face of Kelvin finally shone brightly again. She should take back everything she had lost many years ago

After taking over my territory for so many years It was time to giv

taken a turn in the past due to Johnny, and Simon had been quite obedient recently. Ho, this old fox was so impatient that he couldn't sit still?

Gillian looked coldly at Simon with a cold expression. "Mr. Simon, this is my office. You just broke in so easily. In your eyes I'm your boss! "

With a malicious and insidious expression on his face, Simon ground his teeth and said angrily, "Mr. Gillian, don't you know exactly how much trouble Kelvin had caused to the company back then? If it weren't for her, the company wouldn't have suffered such a crushing defeat! What do you mean by asking her to come back? Did you want to put the company's interests at risk for a small agent! What will the public think of our company then? !"

Hearing this, Gillian's face was even colder. He had just reported the news that Kelvin was coming back to the FX International Group, but Simon knew it so quickly.


It seemed that he had underestimated the power of Simon in the company

Staring coldly at Simon, Gillian sneered, with a hint of irony in his tone, saying word by word, "why on earth was Kelvin framed and ruined in the army I think Mr. Simon knows it very well? If Kelvin didn't leave the company, do you think you could take this position so easily? You are still challenging me now. "

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