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   Chapter 65 who allowed you to see me

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Martin's anger partly dissipated at the sight of her pitiful look, but he still kept a straight face and warned, "from now on, you must not drink so much, especially in front of outsiders."

Cassandra was dumbfounded and wondered why he said this

Cassandra drooped her head and answered absently, "well, I see."

"I have a meeting to attend in the company. I'm leaving now."

Cassandra's eyes lit up at once, but she still didn't want to be discovered by Martin, so she fawned over him and said, "well, the film crew is going to turn on the film tomorrow, so I have to go to the company and tell them something today I might be a little busy recently... "

Martin's face darkened and nodded, "OK.''

Cassandra's heart raced uncontrollably as she replied, "never mind, I'll have some friends in the casting group. If I can't go back in time, you can come here Wait, I'll get you a spare key. "

After Cassandra finished speaking, she immediately fetched a spare key and gave it to Martin. Although she knew it would be as easy as rolling off a log for Martin to come in, the key she offered to him must be very effective.

Sure enough, the anger on one's face was alleviated a little. He took the key and left in a hurry.

After sending him away, Cassandra supported the door frame with one of her hands, and the smile on her face was about to freeze. Then she let out a long and turbid breath, she indeed had something important to do today, and he was also an unattainable legend.

However, she even make sure that she was able to capture Martin's heart. There was nothing else in the world that she couldn't make sure?

Then Cassandra went out after getting washed.

In a manor in the suburb of Jingshi city.

The manor was located in the remote suburbs. However, it was not open to the public, so few people knew it here.

A black Benz G-G off-road vehicle quickly drove over. After the car stopped in the parking lot outside the manor, a girl in light colored casual clothes jumped out of the c

Media. I'm here to ask you to return and be my agent. "

The room was deadly silent.

Kelvin looked at Cassandra expressionlessly. "I have quit the showbiz and won't serve as anyone's agent. You may leave now.''

While Cassandra was sitting still on the sofa, staring at Kelvin without blinking. "I know that you suffered a lot from what happened that year, and that you have seen through the ugliness and dirty of that circle But are you really willing to spend the rest of your life in silence, to make people misunderstand and and look down upon you? Even if you are willing to do this But have you ever kept your promise? You're really a woman of integrity? All you want is not only fame, wealth or fame, but also fame and fortune. You are never respected by the whole family Kelvin, once you fell down, you really You can't stand up forever? "

The past event was a taboo to Kelvin. She was not willing to mention it, nor was she willing to face it. She yielded so abruptly, just to fulfill that man's wish

But later she knew that they were just a play. She was just a stepping stone from the beginning to the end!

When she was famous, she knew the world; when she was in a difficult position, no one stood out to speak for her

It was a dirty business

Why should she go back?

But she Was she really willing to give up on him

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