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   Chapter 64 I didn't do anything to you, did I

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There was dead silence in the living room.

The girl's body was restlessly placed on the man's laps. Her clear eyes were full of drunkenness and confusion. After hearing the man's answer, she felt like her heart was hit hard

The memories of her previous life gradually overlapped those of this life. Many pictures suddenly appeared in her mind, as if her chest was suddenly smashed into pieces by someone.

You are my fate

These words were just like they could dispel all the haze of the world

Martin stared at the girl unblinkingly, seeming to be waiting for her answer. However, the next second, the girl suddenly fell down without a sign and leaned against his chest like a kitten. Hearing the girl's even breathing, he felt a little bit amused.

'this girl...' How could she fall asleep?!


He would never let her drink so much next time!

There was a deep sense of helplessness on Martin's face. After a long while, he took her back to the bedroom carefully.

The bedroom was not very big. Except for a double bed and a wardrobe, there was little furnishing. On the windowsill nearby was a half read script.

After settling down the girl, Martin unfastened the collar button and loosened the tie irritably. He couldn't do anything even though his wife got drunk and was lying in front of him.


Suddenly, Martin's phone rang. He frowned and took out the phone. When he glanced at the screen, he saw the caller was Carlos.

Rubbing his eyebrows, Martin was about to turn around to answer the phone when his hand in the air was suddenly gripped by Cassandra. The girl seemed to be not sleeping well. The moment she caught his hand, she opened her eyes as if she got redemption.

A few seconds later, Martin hung up the phone and sat down on the bedside.

At the same time, a henchman went berserk downstairs. What was his master doing? Why didn't he answer the phone! !

However, the phone was hung up, and he dared not

t later! '!

'damn it! If I drink so much in the future, I am just a dog!'! ! !

Later on, somebody found that all the signs she had registered had become disfigures

With a helpless and pitiful look, Cassandra walked towards Martin and stammered, "Martin Well, well, last night, I got drunk Did I do anything to you? "

"If you do something to me, do you still have the strength to get out of bed?"

Cassandra, "..."

She suddenly lost her dignity

What should I do now?! Cassandra thought anxiously!

The next second, Martin reached out and took the bowl of hangover soup on the tea table. "Drink it.''

Then Cassandra suddenly realized that Martin only wanted her to drink some hangover soup

I was almost scared to death by what you did! !

Cassandra felt awkward and then took the sober up soup from the man, drank it up in one gulp and shook the bowl in her hand with a knowing face, indicating that she had not left at all.

As a result, the praised one was scolded immediately

"Do you know you are wrong?"

Upon hearing this, Cassandra pursed her lips. She knew that Martin, the mean guy, would not let her off so easily!

As long as You are happy!

Then, with a pitiful look on her face, Cassandra looked at Martin and said, "Martin, I'm sorry. I won't drink so much anymore.''

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