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   Chapter 63 time for sex is precious

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In a daze, Johnny took a half step backward, raised his head and glanced at the house number. It was No. 8. He didn't guess wrong. He lived in No. 6. He had checked with his company that No. 8 was the dorm where Cassandra lived.

What's the problem?

"Director Johnny? !" Discerning that something was wrong, Cassandra came over with a pancake turner. The moment she saw Johnny standing at the door, she was so shocked that she almost spat out blood.

What the hell is she afraid of! ! !

Why did she suddenly have a feeling that some wild flowers were caught

Martin stood at the door with a poker face, giving off a cold and bloodthirsty air, with flames of fury boiling in his deep eyes.

At that time, Cassandra came up with only one thought, "Dad, listen to me!"! !

"Miss Cassandra, it's really you! I thought I knocked the wrong door This is... " Feeling embarrassed, Johnny scratched his head and smiled.

It was a man who opened the door just now. He thought he really went wrong.

Cassandra smiled awkwardly," Ho, director Johnny, this is my boyfriend whose surname is Lu. He is not a part of our entertainment circle. I invited him to have dinner here as I moved here today. Have you had dinner yet? Would you like to have some with me? "

This is my boyfriend

Martin's face turned cold in an instant, and his expensive face suddenly froze like the north wind Was it so embarrassing?!

Outside the door, Johnny was stunned by this scene. He gazed at Martin in disbelief, Does Cassandra already have a boyfriend??

But it makes sense. Cassandra is so beautiful and excellent. It's natural for her to have a boyfriend

Was he an outsider? No wonder he didn't look familiar, but he was much more handsome than the young stars in the entertainment circle, and the man had an invisible elegant and noble identity, so he must be not simple.

Coming back to his senses, Johnny cleared his throat and sa

the posture was extremely ambiguous.

"Martin, a moment of sex is really precious Are you sure you want to teach me here? " The girl stared at him with a lazy look on her face, and a faint cool smile played on her lips.

Martin froze and his eyes were filled with coldness. She really couldn't understand why he had been repressing himself these days, just because he didn't want to hurt her?

But she

Martin glared at Cassandra like a black hole, with his thin lips tightened into a straight line. What happened last night suddenly appeared in his mind. The girl's uneasy eyes suddenly stung him.

Darkness appeared in the man's eyes. The storm that had been brewing for a long time seemed to subside in an instant. After a long time, when his thin lips touched the girl's forehead, he retreated instantly, He said in a low voice, "Cassandra, what I want is always your willingness."

In an instant, Cassandra's heart trembled with fear. She slightly lowered her eyes and muttered in a trance, "Martin Why do you treat me so well... "

Why are you so kind to me

She began to feel that her heart was going out of control

On the sofa, the man was silent for a few seconds, and the coldness in his dark and deep eyes immediately faded away.

"Because You are my fate... "

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