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   Chapter 62 Rainer's trick

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7116

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With a straight face, Carlos burst into tears in his heart. It seemed that he was going through a tsunami

It's beyond my imagination.!

Looking at the stunned expression of his master, he knew that there was nothing in the world that could not be solved by a kiss of his sister-in-law. If it was not going to work, then two would do.

Sure enough, being single was not good enough to make him angry No one cares if you die because of anger! !

"Then Martin, Can you stay here for a while? " Cassandra lowered her eyes and said in a low voice.

Martin's back was as tense as a bowstring. The unique scent of the girl lingered on his lips. It was just a kiss, but he had already been addicted to it.

After a long while, Martin finally opened his mouth and said, "I don't want to leave."

"Aren't you leaving?'', asked Cassandra in confusion

Did she get auditory hallucination?!

Martin replied calmly, "it's Carlos was about to have a business."

Carlos, who was beaten to death, silently mourned for himself for ten thousand times

"Master, where is your dignity?"?! He didn't expect that his master was so easy to be coaxed!

I can't do this! !

I don't care about my self-esteem!

Cassandra was speechless. She didn't expect that Martin could be so shameless to care about Carlos for three seconds.

"Well, I bought some ingredients and living goods, all of which are home used brands. If you don't like them, I will buy them again for you later, And tonight, come with me to the Scenic Garden, OK?" Cassandra asked nervously.

Are your regular brands

It turned out that the reason why she said she would live outside from time to time was not because of herself, but because With him?

She didn't want to run away from him

He had misunderstood her from the very beginning

The malicious and insidious expression on the man's face instantly faded away like the tide. He said in a low and hoarse voice, "okay."

Upon hearing this, Cassandra was relieved. Fortunately, she had the memory of her previous life and knew how to coax Martin. Otherwise, a fierce battle would inevit

ispleasure. The person he cherished most wanted to move out, just to suffer in such a shabby place?!

"Ho, Martin, come in quickly Although a sparrow is small! You know what? The price is so high in capital, and there are so many couples out there that they can't even afford a new apartment. I mean, look at what you've done! I mean, I've gotten an apartment for my wife and she's right here! That's impressive! " With a flattering smile, Cassandra walked over to the door, holding the hand of Martin and entering it.

Martin's facial expression softened slightly, but was still ugly, "you are more capable."

After a long time of inviting Martin in, Cassandra prepared slippers, paper towels and all kinds of other things for him, and then went to prepare dinner.

"Ding Dong..."

A sudden ringing of the doorbell broke the silence, Cassandra, who wore an apron and was busy preparing the ingredients, didn't even look up. "Martin, open the door."

Martin stood up and walked to open the door.

He saw Johnny standing at the gate, with messy hair. He was stunned the moment the door was opened, Scratching his head, he asked, "did you knock the wrong door? Didn't you say that she lives next door to me? …… Sorry to bother you. I thought it was my friend who lived here... "

Did he make a mistake?

Or there was something wrong?

Why didn't he know that there was a strange man living next door

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