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   Chapter 61 a man's complicated emotion

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About half an hour later.

After the meeting, Martin returned to his office.

In a trembling voice, Carlos reported the latest situation of Cassandra, who had a few symptoms of headache, a fever and a slight cough. However, Kevin didn't take it lightly.

With his eyebrows furrowed, Martin ordered in a cold voice," tell her to take the medicine on time."

Carlos," Master, you should know my sister-in-law's temper. She would only listen to your words, and she wouldn't listen to anyone else at all She called you just now and asked you to call her back when you have time... "

Martin's face darkened as he heard this. Carlos had no idea what his master was thinking about. To be honest, he didn't know why he was so arrogant before! !

With an icy cold face, Martin answered coldly, "I have no time."


What should I do now?

Carlos thought anxiously and sadly! !

During the whole day, Cassandra simply packed up a few clothes, and then asked the driver to send them to the Scenic Garden. At noon, she received a we chat message from Carlos, saying that Martin had been busy and had no time to call her back

Somehow, there was a deep loss in Cassandra's heart.

But she also knew clearly that it was the utmost that Martin could do as he didn't keep her freedom tightly as he did in her previous life

The more Cassandra thought about it, the more upset she became. In the afternoon, she drove to the supermarket to buy a lot of food and some living goods, which filled the shopping cart.

On the other hand, when he heard that she was still in the mood to go shopping, his face was as cold as the north wind.

How much did she want to leave him

In the CEO's office, the headquarter building of the Lu Group.

"Book a ticket to M country for tonight," said Martin, his face dreary

The corner of Carlos's mouth twitched. 'Are you serious, master?! On business trip to M country

"It was you Well, there's a meeting ten minutes later What do you think? "

"Yes," replied Martin

At the same time, someone who just came out of the supermarket was driv

coming out of the meeting room.

In an instant, the whole corridor was dead silent.

The gossips left the office after being stunned for a few seconds. They also wanted to stay for the gossip, but they were afraid that they would not live for the time of the gossip!

At the sight of the girl, Martin found that her face turned red and her angular face was covered with ice in an instant.

"Carlos, have you booked the ticket?" Martin said in a low and hoarse voice.

"Yes, I ordered, my master.'' cold sweat broke out on Carlos's forehead

At this time, the girl walked towards Martin with a pitiful look on her face. She put the bouquet into the man's hand, and held the hem of Martin's suit with the other hand. "Martin, I'm wrong. Please don't be angry with me, okay? As long as you are not angry, I will promise you anything Don't leave, okay I don't want you to leave... "

As soon as the girl finished her words, the one whose hair was extended to a straight line stared at Cassandra with his gloomy eyes.

What happened last night was like a tsunami, sweeping over him. The man's face, which had just eased a little, instantly became cold.

The next second, the girl stood on her tiptoe, and her cold lips clung to the man's thin lips

There was dead silence in the corridor.

With his pupils contracted sharply, Martin put on a straight face and got stunned in an instant

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