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   Chapter 58 the only chance

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6661

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At the headquarter of the Lu Group, capital.

In the CEO office.

There was dead silence in the office.

Martin sat on the chair with a straight face. His arrogant and cold face was even more frightening than usual, which sent shivers down his spine.

Carlos stood at his desk, with cold sweat on his forehead.

He didn't know what happened to his boss today, he went berserk as soon as he arrived at the company in the early morning, and made everyone in the company fall to the ground. Now he looked even more sullen.

After thinking for a long time, Carlos suddenly realized that if his young master had a row with his sister-in-law?!

The next morning when he went to pick up Martin, he didn't see Cassandra

Carlos looked sideways and caught a glimpse of the screen on which there was the surveillance video of the Yan's garden.

In the photo, the girl was sitting on the stone step with a dull look. The wind was blowing, and the hair on her shoulder was blown by the wind. She didn't feel anything, even more desolate.

At the sight of this, Carlos almost gushed out a mouthful of blood, damn dog eyes!

He was wondering what happened to his young master today

Their public display of affection came so fast like a gust of dog wind

"Master Dinner with Mr. Qin from the Jingshi Shi Group What do you think? " Carlos wiped the cold sweat and asked in a low voice.

"Cancel it," said Martin

"What But the contract over there... "

Martin raised his head slowly and cast a cold glance at Carlos. With a chill on his back, Carlos shut his mouth.

After a while, Carlos said, "well Did you have a fight with Cassandra? "

Martin's face turned cold in an instant and stared at Carlos ghastly. Under his gaze, Carlos's scalp tingled, but from the reaction of his young master, he should have guessed right.

He had thought that Cassandra would have a fight with his master after she married him, but he didn't expect that she would be so obedie

de of the phone, Cassandra went blank for a while, and the fingers holding her phone suddenly froze. All the grievances that were suppressing in the bottom of her heart surged up at once. She tried her best to suppress her emotions that was about to lose control, and sobbed, "I have no appetite, I'm sleepy, go upstairs to sleep, and I have to hang up now."

"No way." Said Martin in a domineering voice.

This man is going too far. He didn't allow me to move out. But now he even stopped me from eating?!

Flames of fury rose in Cassandra's eyes. She tried her best to hold back her anger and broke out, "Martin, you've gone too far. It's none of your business whether I eat or not. Anyway, you don't believe every word I say, Since you don't like me, don't provoke me again!"

Dislike her

If he didn't like her, how could he do this for her?


Martin's eyes suddenly turned cold, and his face was so ferocious that it seemed that he had been rubbed into pieces in his chest, which made him bleed.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the car was oppressed

With his eyes narrowed into a line, Martin responded word by word like an ice sculpture, "I promise you."

Cassandra, who had been like a wild beast out of control just now, was completely stunned and froze there as if someone pressed a button.

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