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   Chapter 57 a dream where you abandoned me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6843

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It seemed that she had had a very long dream in which there was no light at all. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't reach the end of the dream.

The whole world seemed to be swallowed up by endless darkness

She ran like hell, exhausted, and finally she saw a faint light

She ran towards the faint light, hearing the wind howling. Her body was like being tied up, and she desperately broke through the layers of shackles


Her eyes were broken, and she finally escaped from the endless darkness

The moment she opened her eyes, a familiar figure came into her sight. It was Martin who was sleeping, no longer aggressive and cold, but more gentle and human.

The girl looked at the man blankly, her warm fingers moving slightly. When her fingers touched the man's face, she suddenly froze in the air.

After a while, she took her hands back and moved slightly towards the man. Then she put her arms around the man's waist and buried her head in his chest, listening to the strong heartbeat of the man.

"What's wrong?" A husky voice came from above her head.

The girl froze for an instant. She almost forgot that Martin always slept lightly and sometimes even couldn't fall asleep. Her movements just now must have awakened him.

"I just had a nightmare I dreamed that you abandoned me and refused to stay no matter how I begged you If you really want to leave one day, don't let me know, okay? " The girl answered in confusion.

After a few seconds of silence, Martin said," all dreams are reversed."

With her mouth twitched slightly, the girl raised her head and stared at Martin with a pitiful look. 'is this guy good at coaxing girls?'! !

No wonder he was still single for so many years!

It was late stage male chauvinist, and it was odd to get any girls obsessed! !

The girl, with a darkened face, sulked alone. She thought to herself, 'Martin, a dull and insidious man, is too unromantic. No wonder I had an affair in my previous life!

Martin lowered his eyes and looked at the girl

had been so obedient these days, so Or did she still want to run away from him?

Actually, Cassandra intended to probe into the territory of the Martin first, so she just asked Martin to stay with her once in a while, she didn't expect that the moment he heard what she had said, Martin would be so angry

She couldn't make it

Just like her previous life, Martin didn't want her to get out of his control, even out of his sight

The light in Cassandra's eyes dimmed and she said in a disappointed voice, "forget it. I'll make the arrangements as I said. I'm full and a little tired, I'll go upstairs to have a rest."

Martin's thin lips tightened in a line. He had thought that the girl would continue to quarrel with him, but she did not. She just walked away in disappointment.

He blamed himself for being over sensitive. Didn't she want to leave him

However, he couldn't even see her face Could he really do that?

What did she want?

It was the first time that Martin had realized that he couldn't read her mind, even if she was right next to him.

At the same time, upstairs.

Curling up on the bed, with her hands holding a pillow tightly, a feeling of grievance rose from the bottom of her heart. Cassandra had thought that they could start all over again, but it turned out that no matter what she did, Martin wouldn't believe her

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