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   Chapter 56 don't betray me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6424

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Cassandra, "..."

Am I disliked by Martin?!

I don't want to talk anymore. I just want to run away from home! !

When Cassandra was about to get mad, her phone suddenly rang. It was late at night. Who dared to call her at this time?

She could feel her breath!

Cassandra took out the phone and answered without checking the caller ID, "hello.''

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. In confusion, Cassandra took up the phone and took a glance at it. She thought it was a crank call, but she saw the name on the screen -- 'Roger'.

In an instant, cold sweat sprang up on Cassandra's forehead. Damn it, she was digging her own grave!

In her previous life, she was bewitched by a bastard, who kept loving Roger. Such a bastard had not only irritated Martin, but also been used again and again by Roger, resulting a great loss to the Lu group. Nevertheless, that was another story. Now, the most important thing was how she could explain the dubious relationship between her and amber to him! !

Since she was reborn, it was the first time that Roger had taken the initiative to look for her. Although in the memory of her previous life, Roger had never taken the initiative to look for her and had been pestering her all the time, in this life, the situation seemed to have changed.

Then, Cassandra looked askance at someone, and as expected, Martin, who was sitting on the sofa, suddenly pulled a long face and looked at her coldly.

Sweat dripped from her forehead. When she was about to hang up, a low and hoarse voice came from the other end, "Cassandra, are you still there?"

Son of a bitch! !

We are not that close! ! !

Cassandra gave him a wry smile, "Mr. Roger, it's too late What can I do for you? "

Mr. Roger

Hearing the innocent word from the girl's mouth, a deep frown suddenly appeared on the face of Roger, who tightly clenched his fist fall

means Martin had used on her, those days when he had led her to the abyss of despair

Somehow, when she thought back to those scenes, she wasn't as scared as she was in her previous life. Compared with the heartless people of the Yan Family and Roger, what Martin had done was to keep her, and She was completely trapped and cheated by them!

The next second, she put her arms around the man's waist and pressed her head against his chest, where the man's heartbeat was unusually fast

"I'm sorry, Martin, but I didn't mean to betray you. If you don't like him, I won't answer his phone calls anymore I have really given up. I want to Let's begin again... " The girl closed her eyes and murmured in her sleep.

At that moment, she suddenly remembered a saying, "have you ever seen me? It took me a long way to come here. I have crossed the mountains and rivers, went through hundreds of difficulties, and in each of my life 'find you.'.

Martin slowly lowered his eyes and the coldness on his face faded away in an instant. His dark and deep eyes stared at her, which stirred up waves.


She vaguely heard the low voice of Martin. She wanted to open her eyes and confirm whether it was Martin or not, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not open them

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