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   Chapter 55 I want to run away from home

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6471

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In the brumous Villa District of the capital.

In the villa of GU family.

There was a strange dead silence in the study.

Roger stared at Vincent coldly, The next second, he flipped his hand and threw all the papers on the desk onto the ground. Papers flew in all directions.

Cold sweat dripped from Vincent's forehead. He looked panic stricken. "I'm sorry, Mr. Roger, I've searched all the journalists' ID information that day, but I didn't find the man Besides, no one knows the man who suddenly appeared here... "

Roger sneered, fixing his eyes on Vincent, "huh You can't find him? He's alive in front of everyone. I don't believe that I can't find any information about him! No matter who he is and how powerful he is, I don't believe that someone dares to act wildly on me in Jingshi city! "

Walker had made it perfectly clear that it was not his fault. After all, he had been in the entertainment circle for so many years. As long as Johnny was detained for the title of prostitutes, prostitution and other hidden rules artists, he would be screwed. He knew clearly what the taboo was.

However, the man who showed up suddenly destroyed his plan and broke one of his arms. How could he let it go!

"I've been looking into it It won't be long. "

With a malicious and insidious expression on his face, Roger squinted his eyes in a straight line. The cruelty in his eyes made people shiver. A moment later, he opened his eyes suddenly and said in a cold voice, "I'll give you five days. If you can't find it out Go to the financial office and settle the salary yourself! "

Hearing that, Vincent was struck dumb and his pupils shrank sharply. In the past few days, he had tried every means to find out the whereabouts of that man, but nothing was found. Five days It's impossible for him to find out the truth!

But he didn't dare to refute his accusation. He gritted his teeth and answered, "yes, Mr. Gu

This is just like when I saw you give me a lot of apples just because I liked eating pears, then you asked me if I was moved. You damn moved!

Speechless, Cassandra massaged her brow and murmured, "Martin, I said I was hungry, but you have fed me so much I'm going to be fat. "

"No matter how fat you are, I like it," replied Martin

The look on Cassandra's face darkened, '', do you think I'm fat?"

Her figure and age were a taboo for women!

"No," replied Martin

"You're being mean to me. I don't want to eat anything. I'm leaving home'', Cassandra snorted

Martin felt a little helpless and took the bowl in front of her. "Let me feed you''

Cassandra, "..."

Did I hit on by Martin again?! Cassandra thought anxiously

But wait! When did Martin realize that he was online! !

It was simply a fatal attack for a lyndsy!

Thus, the young man, without any sense of shame, gobbled up the dishes piled up on the table while she was feeding food by Martin.

This man is too powerful!

As her tummy was about to explode, Cassandra lay on the couch and grumbled, "Martin, can you feed me less next time? I feel like I'm several months pregnant now. "

"Don't be silly, someone has been pregnant for months, but her belly isn't as big as yours," said Martin

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