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   Chapter 54 don't play cool

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6587

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Seeing that Cassandra stood in front of the elevator with a bouquet of roses in her arms, Martin's eyes narrowed slightly. The indifferent look on his face earlier was alleviated a lot in an instant.

The men behind Martin, in particular, were all staring at Cassandra, dumbfounded. The high-level who had asked if Cassandra had a girlfriend almost passed out in shock.

Then, with the roses held in her hands, Cassandra walked step by step towards Martin. The next second, under the watchful eyes of the public, she directly put the flowers into the man's arms, She grinned and said, "on our way here, I saw this bouquet of roses and thought it suits you very much, so I bought it for you, Do you like it?"

All the other executives were rendered speechless


Ah, ah, ah, I'm going crazy! !

Was Belinda crazy!

You're an ass kisser, but you should watch your mouth! You are in male now! ! In other eyes, you are a man with a younger brother! !

How am I gonna explain this to him Beryl thought anxiously and sadly! ! !

The leader, who hadn't been knocked unconscious just now, fell into a coma as soon as Cassandra stuffed the words into Martin's hands. He was so shocked that he even wanted to introduce a girlfriend to the man

He should be sentenced to death!

No wonder he thought that Martin reacted weirdly before

Martin glanced at the bunch of flowers in his hand and replied," yes."

The senior executives in the company looked at each other. What the hell did we see! ! ! He couldn't believe that Martin had received a man's flowers He said he liked it

What the fuck! Would their boss take it out on them

A hint of unexplainable emotion came into Cassandra's eyes when she saw that Martin took the flowers. After taking a beating with Fiona in the morning, she actually had the intention to declare her ownership over the flowers.

Fiona had her own spies. And this scene was heard by her. She wanted that woman t

evator step by step with a tough body. He really wanted to be strong, but now he really wanted to cry

His master alone was already hard to please, and now there was a drama queen who might make trouble at any time

Life was so difficult for him

No one loves me. I'm just a cabbage in my hands

After Cassandra came out of the Lu Group, she wanted to take Martin to have a barbecue. It seemed that there was no cigarette or fire in Martin's body. The barbecue place was the closest and probably brought him to these places. It might make him more smoking.

For too long, Cassandra felt that Martin was like the leading role in a second time comic book, incompatible with the real world

They gulped down the wine and ate the meat. They also kept arguing with each other, almost drowning the world into the boiling oil in the pan. This was the real life.

After that, Martin asked the driver to drive back to the villa.

"Aren't we going out for some delicious food?'', asked Cassandra, dumbfounded

Why did she think that Martin wanted to settle accounts with her afterwards?

"You're still sick. Light food is good for your health, '', said Martin

Cassandra, "..."

Dad, as long as you are happy

She'd better stay away from Martin. Otherwise, he would never let her get away with it.

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