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   Chapter 53 I didn't give them to my girlfriend

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6373

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"Well Is there anything wrong? " Asked Johnny.

"I'm fine. It's just a crank call. Oh, right, I just thought of a hindrance, Are you interested in listening?" Cassandra rubbed her temples, feeling speechless

Seeing that she looked normal, Johnny didn't think too much. He nodded and said, "Okay, go ahead."

Cassandra scratched her head," I just read your script, and suddenly thought of the purpose of rebirth. Otherwise, you would change the heroine's arrangement to a new life. This way, it would be more reasonable to explain why she could survive in destruction of the clan and know a general direction for vengeance. In later contact, it would be more prominent to the conflict between the two of them What do you think? "

His eyes brightened and Johnny banged the table, exclaiming," that's awesome! That's awesome! I just thought that the script lack something so that it can perfectly interpret the heroine's arrangement I'll fix it right away! Wait for me for a moment! "

After finishing his words, Johnny immediately went over to the computer and began to modify the script. After cleaning up the bowls and chopsticks, Cassandra sat quietly beside and waited.

A design master should avoid being interrupted. Otherwise, he would get his inspiration easily.

After Johnny had revised the script, they discussed the revised content together. It was already in the evening when the script was completely decided.

Cassandra took a look at the time and was shocked, 'shit! Why it's so late!

Actually, she didn't mean it that way If she returned now, would she be directly chopped to death by Martin! !

"It's getting late. How about having dinner here?" Johnny looked at the sky and said.

Cassandra shook her head and said worriedly, "I need to feed the cat. I have stayed outside all day and he must be hungry now, I have to feed the cat at home."

A hint of unnoticea

and lowered her head, "hehe, sorry Please forgive my rudeness... "

"I'm fine.'', Cassandra smiled as if she didn't care it at all

The girl was rendered speechless

Oh my God! She wondered why a gay had such a handsome face! !

The girl stared at his back unblinkingly until Cassandra left the flower shop with the flowers in his arms. To be honest, she really wanted to know what kind of husband this handsome man looked like

After the car drove away, the girl still stood at the door with a dull face.

Well, why did handsome men have boyfriends But she was still a damn dog! !

At the headquarter of the Lu Group, capital.

Holding a bouquet of red roses, Cassandra ignored the starlight of the security guards and the receptionists and directly walked into the private elevator of Martin.

"My God! Did I have some hallucination just now? That was a bunch of rose? !"

"Holy shit! Don't tell me this is for Mr. Lu... "

"I've heard that Mr. Lu is a straightforward man. What a shame! !"

"Bullshit! I broke up with my boyfriend again!"


The moment the elevator door opened, Cassandra walked out of it with roses in her hands and saw a group of people walking out of the meeting room, led by Martin who looked as cold as ice.

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