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   Chapter 50 are you in such a hurry to get promoted

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6173

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As a result, Martin was unable to persuade Cassandra and had to take her to the company.

Cassandra put on a handsome little suit, and had her hair done specially. After making sure of her own dressing, she went out with satisfaction.

The car soon arrived at the headquarter of the Lu group, When the security guard opened the door, he saw the Cassandra's uniform on the car and his eyes were wide open. After a few seconds, he came to himself.

It was The handsome guy who came to see Mr. Lu?!

I heard that he is married But why did he always stay with Mr. Lu?

The leader was filled with gossip at the moment, but he didn't have the courage to ask. After all, Martin was famous for his ferocity in the company. He was a mere security guard who would only be stupid to ask for the gossip news.

Cassandra got out of the car, walked across the hall after obediently following Martin and entered the private elevator of Martin.

"Hello, did you see her?! That handsome friend of boss Lu! "

"He came here naively? How do you think I should get close to him to make him believe that I'm a pure and honest girl? !"

"You'd better give up. I've heard that he have been married. You don't have a chance..."

"What the fuck! A handsome man like him was not curved! ! I'm so disappointed with him! "

For the whole morning, everyone in the Lu group was gossiping about the handsome man brought here by Martin. Of course, someone had no idea of all this.

In the CEO office.

When the door was pushed open, a familiar voice came from inside the office.

"Martin, here you are. I went to see you last night, but I heard you were busy, so I have to come here to wait for you. Haven't seen you for a long time This is your wedding gift. Carlos, I also bring you some special presents from the harbor. I will take it for you later. "

ife, but she was eager to get her position?

Nice try!

I will not waste my time on you, not on my position!

Carlos almost spat out a mouthful of blood. What an awesome skill! Why did he have this strong feeling of awe inspiring? Was it bloated! !

But was it his illusion? He felt that Cassandra was possibly hostile to Fiona?

After hearing what she said, Fiona sneered in her mind. How could she compete with a jealous vase like her?

In her career, what could she do to help Martin?

Although she hadn't been in capital city these days, she never slacked off when it came to the matter of Martin. Except making trouble for her father, what else could she do?

"I'm sorry, this is the first time we meet. Miss moo, I forgot that you don't know me because you are not one of your friends, I'm Fiona, a good friend of Martin."

It seemed that there was no hostility in her words, but Fiona directly underrated Cassandra's family background, making it clear that she was not at the same level with them.

The capital was a place to hide all sorts of people. Although the Yan clan did develop well these years, it was really not worth mentioning compared with the real giants like the Lu clan and the Shen clan.

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