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   Chapter 49 having a moment alone

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Martin suddenly stood up and started to take off his suit. Cassandra stared at him with her eyes wide open. She grabbed the quilt with both hands and pulled it to her lips. She stared at Martin warily and shouted, "Martin, what do you want to do! I'm still sick You bastard! "

Martin took off his suit jacket, unbuttoned his collar with his slender fingers, and then took off his shoes. He crawled onto the bed promptly, lay beside Cassandra, with his back leaning against the head of the bed. Apparently, he had no further move.

"Sleep with you." Martin suggested.

Cassandra's eyes widened and she wasn't relieved until she made sure that Martin had no other choice.

"Well Actually you don't have to accompany me. You are not in good health. What if you get sick again? " Said Cassandra quietly, rolling her eyes at the man.

Cassandra had to admit that Martin was a very handsome man with a 360 degree face!

"I don't mind if I can prove to you that there's something wrong with my body."

What the hell? How dare he offend me? '!

She felt that she had lost all her dignity!

Raising her eyes, she said in a low voice, "shameless. You're so shameless."

"Why do I have to be abstinent in front of my wife?'', said Martin

Cassandra thought that Martin had gone a bit too far by provoking her so often!

However, it was inadvisable to argue with a good-looking man She endured.

At this moment, there was a knock on the bedroom's door. At the sight of this, Cassandra's face darkened. She just started to cultivate a relationship with the moody demon, Who the hell did this evil thing at this time.

This was intolerable!

Don't you know that the bad guys are all rubbish! !

"Come in!'' Martin said icily

Apparently, the troublemaker was also in a bad mood.

Outside the door, Carlos wiped the cold sweat and carefully pushed open the door of the room. At the moment when the doo

forehead were pulsing. "Well, I'm going to prescribe some medicine for my sister-in-law, See you later," said Kevin immediately

After Kevin left, Martin still felt worried about Cassandra and took her temperature to make sure she was not cold.

Indeed, Cassandra was ill. Being tossed around did exhausted her and she soon fell asleep.

When she woke up again, it was already the next morning.

Martin had changed into a black formal suit, sitting quietly on the bed. Seeing that Cassandra woke up, he reached out his hand to feel her forehead. As expected, Cassandra's temperature was normal, and her fever was gone.

"Take the medicine and have a rest. I have something to deal with in the company, and I'll come back to accompany you when I'm done, okay?" Martin picked up the bowl of herb juice and said.

Cassandra sprang to her feet and said angrily, "no! I don't want to be alone at home! It's like she's in prison! "

With a resigned expression, Martin reached out his hand and softly stroked her hair. "Don't be naughty. I'll be back as soon as I finish my work, What do you want to eat?, I'll bring them to you."

With a disappointed look on her face, Cassandra said: "I don't want you to leave, You lied to me yesterday that I was more important than work!"

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