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   Chapter 47 you cheated on me

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"Arrange the press conference to be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and ask Justin to host it in person. He apologizes to the outside world and is willing to cooperate with the investigation. The company will also conduct the corresponding investigation, and must give a satisfactory explanation to the public." After he vented his anger, Roger said coldly.

"Yes, Mr. GU, I'll arrange it right away," answered Vincent

Roger pinched his eyebrows, "In addition, tomorrow, release director Jiang's new play in advance to distract the media's attention. Arrange several main actors of the play, especially the male lead, Maurice, even if kidnapping him to the scene!"

Maurice was the most famous male artist under GU consortium, However, he was not easy to deal with. With his rise as a star, he had been involved in a lot of scandals and his girlfriend moved even faster than turning the pages of a book. For this, he had offended many female celebrities in the entertainment circle.

However, owing to his outstanding appearance and extraordinary family background, he could easily get a large number of resources at the same time, even if he was an idiot. Plus, he had a group of fans who were extremely loyal to him. Therefore, even though there were all kinds of negative news about him, he was still an irreplaceable trump card under the GU's group.

Hearing that, Vincent suddenly looked very troubled. Maurice was famous in the company for being difficult to deal with. He went missing three days or two, being late for shooting was quite common, and there were hundreds of big news reported by the film crew as well as the press conference of his new play. He was asked to take part in the press conference of the new play temporally

"Yes, Mr. Roger, I'll contact Maurice's agent and he'll be there tomorrow," answered Vincent, worried

"If you can't do this, you won't have to come to work tomorrow," Roger said impatiently, waving his hand

Cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He replied immediately, "yes, Mr. Gu. I'll do it right away."


nts standing trembling beside. They all didn't dare to breathe heavily.

For a moment, Cassandra thought she was going back to her previous life. This man was like a bloodthirsty and cruel monster who had lost control of himself. He would decide her life and death as long as his palm turned over

Cassandra's face turned pale, and her fear of men born in her previous life surged like a tsunami.

At this moment, the man's face was also filled with ruthlessness and tyranny, and his whole body was so cold that it had no trace of human temperature.

In this big room, the air seemed to freeze in an instant, freezing to the bone.

Finally Did he finally expose his true self?

Seeing this, Carlos was scared to death. Damn it! He knew that this day would come sooner or later. Today, all of them would have to wait with his sister-in-law!

The next second, however, she threw herself into the man's arms and sobbed, with an expression of grievance on her face, "Martin, I dreamed that you're cheating, so I was scared and woke up. Do you have a lover outside''

Martin was rendered speechless

Carlos, "What

Kevin was speechless, "..."

Uh How could it be possible?!

I just had a dream. But you made such a big noise, as if the sky was going to fall down! !

After a moment's silence, Martin looked down at the girl with an aggrieved face and said, "No."

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