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   Chapter 46 don't go too far

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6612

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Damn it! How dare you to say such malicious words!

His master is more handsome than you!

Carlos looked at the well-dressed young man speechlessly.

Brian was from a rich and powerful family, and the reason why his father appointed him to the FX International Group was that he couldn't get any other position in the company. After all, the entertainment industry had already taken shape, and there was also an official manager in charge of it. Edward wouldn't lose the company no matter how hard he tried.

'so, where does this guy get the confidence to be so shameless?'?

"If you are not so busy, you can go to the branch office in Africa to experience life there." Martin said in a low voice.

"I don't want to go to Africa! I'm going to the World Media! I don't care. I just want to go! "

Carlos was speechless. Brother, do you really think that your seventh uncle will be threatened by this kind of childish trick?

You are still too young! Their master is so cruel to them!'!

"30% increase in the profit, I can take it into consideration." replied Martin

The young man stood up from the sofa in a flash and gnashed his teeth. "Are you sure? As long as I can do it, you will give the World Media to me! "

"Vice president," said Martin

The young man jumped with anger. "I worked so hard to raise 30 percent of the profits. And now I only give me a vice president! You're going too far! "

"Don't force you," said Martin

The young man got furious at once and said, "Okay, okay! I can even go to the World Media for the sake of that! I'll go back to the meeting room right now. I don't believe that with my unparalleled wisdom and handsome appearance, I can't make 30 percent of the profit. I'm such a loser! "

Hana, aren't you a waste? Don't you have any idea in your heart?

Martin nodded. Without saying anything, the young man rushed out like a wild horse.

Looking at the young man running far away, Carlos wondered if he

World Media, With the support of the public opinion, many media and microblog big shots took action spontaneously to attack the bright international group and the GU's group. The major website and post bars were also taking this matter seriously.

He used to be a skilled fighter, but now he was defeated by Walker!


Who was that man! ! Why didn't he know anything about it?!

Now he not only lost Walker, but also star empire

What went wrong?

Walker's trap was flawless. Even if someone suspected it, it was impossible to find it out so quickly. And Roger couldn't have imagined what the problem was.

"Mr. GU, Walker and Charlie have been under the police's control. I've arranged everything. Walker will keep his mouth shut..." "Mr. Lin, the private secretary of Roger, said in a low voice, standing in front of the desk.

Turning his eyes a little bit, Roger gritted his teeth and scolded in a cold voice, "loser! Even if he clenched his teeth, it was not easy to change the situation since the public opinion could not be suppressed now? Even if our media couldn't stop it, how could I stop them from spreading the news! Rubbish! "

He lowered his head and didn't dare to speak. No matter what he said was wrong at this moment, this matter had a great negative impact on the company.

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