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   Chapter 45 you'd better change to another one

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"Well Miss Cassandra, please don't stand on ceremony. From now on, I'll try my best to meet your requirements within the company. As for your agent, I'll arrange it for you later. " Rubbing his hands, Gillian wore a sincere expression, which almost drove him mad.

'nothing. I just feel like I'm an idiot...'

Upon hearing this, Cassandra took a deep breath, smiled at Gillian and said, "well Can I choose my agent? "

Just as Gillian was worried that he couldn't keep Cassandra by his side, he nodded quickly and said, "of course, as long as she is a member of my company, you can ask her at any time."

the World Media was the busiest company run by the FX International Group, As the saying goes, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. There were many good artists and agents in the company.

"The agent I want is Kelvin."

After she said that, the expression on Gillian's face suddenly changed. Kelvin was a manager hidden by the World Media and one of the people he didn't want to see most. After all, it was all because of Kelvin that the World Media had fallen into such a terrible situation.

Kevin was a well-known manager of the World Media. All the artists she had worked with were able to become the most popular people in the circle within the shortest time. Originally, Kevin had been an outstanding talent in the World Media and even in the FX International Group. As long as everything went well, her position in the company would gradually rise.

Three years ago, Kelvin took over a newcomer who just started his career. In just half a year, she made this newcomer into a famous young man who was famous in the country. This young man and she used to be very promising before, but they two broke the company's rules by exposing their romantic relationship.

It was forbidden for any of the company's stars and broker to have a relationship. The news that the young man had a love affair was exposed would immediately attract the attention of many young fans. And the youn

Haha, as long as you are happy. Let's serve tea!

"Well," replied Carlos, scratching his head. "Mr. Song, just now even told us that he wanted to go to the World Media What do you think? "

To be honest, he didn't know much about Mr. Song either. If he hadn't been the CEO of the famous the FX International Group, he would have been willing to work for such a small company as the World Media

Was there something wrong with his IQ?

Martin narrowed his eyes and replied in a cold voice, "with a profit of 30% year-end, we can consider it."

If he insisted on it, there would be a huge profit of 30%? Last year, prosperity entertainment only made a profit of more than 10%. You couldn't make it unless some miracle happened.

"Yes, master.'', replied Carlos

Martin sat on the couch, paralyzed with solemnity. After a long time, he took a sip of tea.

A few minutes later.

A colorful young man rushed in with anger. As soon as he came in, he sat down on the sofa opposite to Martin and said with clenched teeth, "uncle, why can't I go to the World Media! ! It was so boring to stay at the FX International Group. I just suffered a lot! It's so rare that I want to work in an inferior company to experience life. Why don't you allow me to work there! Uncle, are you jealous that I'm more beautiful than you? "

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