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   Chapter 43 finally you are here

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6537

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"Sir, you play this video in public to slander Mr. Walker. Your behavior is suspected of serious slander. Please give us a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, I don't mind calling the police right now to pursue your legal responsibility."

In the noise, a man in a black suit stood up, staring at the young man sharply and speaking sharply.

As soon as his words dropped, the noisy meeting room fell into dead silence, and all eyes were drawn back and forth between these two people.

The young man raised his eyebrows, smiled and said, "I've waited for a long time, and finally you're here, Mr. Charlie, you're the personal assistant of the owner of starry International Group, Walker, am I right?"

A trace of surprise flashed across the man's face, but it quickly disappeared. He looked at the young man with confusion on his face, "I'm really Charlie, The Johnny's affair is so popular, I'm here to watch the news conference, Is everything okay with it?"

The young man's smile widened. Somehow, the more he saw the smile, the more restless he became.

"No problem, but before answering Mr. Charlie's question, I want to ask you a few questions first." The young man laughed.

Stunned, Charlie didn't know what to say. But since his identity had been revealed, it was more like a cover up rather than a question directly refused to answer in such an occasion.

Thinking of this, Charlie nodded and replied, "yes, I am."

"First of all, the lady in the video is one of the celebrities under the starry international, Mr. Charlie is Mr. Walker's private secretary, Please don't tell me you don't even know that Charlie said directly.

"Yes, but she is not famous in the company. She just plays some dev."

The young man nodded and continued, "whether the IP address with an anonymous ID is sent by Mr. Walker?."

"Sorry, I don't know."

The young man was not surprised to hear Charlie's answer. He moved his finger and soon the IP add

ow. A woman who was overwhelmed with sadness is in the mood to go shopping? Well, you should try to be smarter, young man. "

"Yes, Mr. Walker, I will definitely study hard from now on!"

The recording was finished here, but the whole meeting room was deathly silent, as if the sound of a pin dropping could be heard clearly.

The news struck a sharp knife, and Charlie froze in place as if his vital acupuncture points were locked. People around looked over with contempt. No one would have thought that it was a trap from beginning to end, a trap targeting Johnny and the FX International Group!

"Mr. Charlie, don't tell me that you can't recognize your own voice. Besides, your boss probably never dreamed that you would install an invisible camera and bug in his office. Well, there is also the original video in this play, Do you want to see it with your own eyes?" The man said calmly with a sneer.

Beady sweats could be observed over his forehead. The look of calmness and calmness he had on his face just now had turned into dullness. Charlie had never dreamed that he had come here to see a good show today, but he had made a fool of himself.

But it was impossible! ! !

Every trace of his eavesdropping was leaked. This man How could he know! !

Who the hell was this man! !

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