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   Chapter 42 bastard

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6413

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On the stage, all the attendees were shocked. They didn't know what to do.

Who the hell was this man?!

But judging from this momentum, it was obvious that they were here to mess up the restaurant

"Who are you? This is the press conference of the World Media. How did you get in here! What are you doing here? Get him out of here! " Simon struck the table and suddenly stood up from the chair.

It was not easy for him to grab the World Media from Gillian. How dare this bastard ruin his good plan!


"Aha Mr. Simon, why are you so anxious to take my position before I resign? " Gillian chuckled. His voice wasn't too loud, but it suppressed the huge pressure in an instant.

Simon was so angry that his face turned scarlet red. He glared at Gillian, gnashing his teeth in anger, "Mr. Gillian, you know that I didn't mean that, but today is such an important conference of our company, and I don't allow anyone to disturb!"

"Make trouble? Are you sure he's here to make trouble? " Asked Gillian coldly.

Simon choked, and his face was sinister. "Mr. Gillian had just seen that kind of fake recording of unknown origin, it must be him who did it, What we need to do now is to inform the police immediately to arrest him!"

"Mr. Simon, please don't worry. I have backed up all these recordings and have been sent to the police in advance. If you think that my recording is fake, you can go to the police station to accuse me, I will cooperate with the investigation." The young man put the microphone to his lips, and finally opened his mouth.

Blue veins on the forehead of Simon were bouncing, and his hands were tightly clenched into fists. However, in the presence of everyone, he could only swallow his anger.

Hum, even if this bastard can prove that Molly's crime of being raped is not true, so what?

Johnny went for prostitution. He didn't believe that this man would expose their c

as mine. Thank you. "

The video ended here. An email came in. Beneath the e-mail was the IP address that had been cracked, as well as the information about the registered user. Behind the e-mail were the remittance record of the bank account and the name of the visitor.

When the proof came out, everyone in the hall was shocked.

It was known to all that the GU's group was the number one giant in the domestic entertainment circle, and the star empire was the strongest company under the GU's group. This time, it was exposed as the director of the set up the World Media. In the roundabout way, people would immediately think about the competition behind the two companies.

"Is that true? Since the star Empire has always been in conflict with the FX International Group, it is not impossible for them to play this kind of game... "

"Well, it seems that nobody could escape death. But I can say that it was Walker who did it. Isn't it too farfetched''

"That's right. Why did he take aim at a director? What if the FX International Group couldn't buy it? "

"I also think so. But the evidence is presented in front of us. It can't be done? As far as I am concerned, these evidence doesn't seem to be fake. Otherwise, it's illegal and he's not a fool...... "

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