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   Chapter 41 you are good at acting

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6408

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"What are you doing? The evidence is irrefutable, and you don't admit it?! If I were here, I would have slapped him! !"

"What a fool! He must have a screw in his head!"

"Haha, you didn't cheat on me? Can't he get decent? He's an animal! Bah! "

"You fucking have done this?! We have the evidence. How dare you deny it? Why don't you go to heaven? "

"It's disgusting? He had never admitted it till now. How blind I was to like such a scum! "

On the stage of the president, Simon's eyes swept across a neat light. He had thought that this matter was not serious enough, after all, Gillian had a strong background. If Gillian had the chance to turn the table, he could only bite the bullet.

He didn't expect that Johnny would give him another big help.

Simon immediately had a grieved expression on his face, and he angrily rebuked, "Johnny, since things have come to this point, you are still defending in front of the national audience! How could you fail Mr. Gillian's excellent cultivation! Now Mr. Gillian is going to resign for you You are such a disappointment! "

The words of Simon were on the surface of reprimand, but in fact, not only did he admit that Johnny was involved in the sex trade with the employees of the company. He even jumped into the water with Gillian. In the current situation, unless there was a miracle, otherwise, Gillian had to resign in public

However, it was just the beginning.

Just as Simon finished speaking, Molly, who was seen as having hidden rules in the backstage, rushed directly to the stage from the back. Her hands squeezed the collar of Johnny, and her face was haggard and painful, almost collapsed, she cried out, "you forced me! It was you who forced me to do so. Now I only want you to be fair to me. Please give me back a fair chance! ! I've had enough. Please... "

Molly's crying completely angered the reporters and netizens on the scene.

r the hype is over. Don't worry."

"Evelyn, you are awesome! You are my rebirth! I will listen to you from now on! "

"As long as you listen to me, I promise to make you famous. The best actress and lyndsy, all these will be yours in the future."

After that, the recording stopped again.

"What the fuck! 'the drama queen is so good at acting!'! !"

"You are so popular that you want to be famous? Are you crazy?"

"The situation has reversed too fast! ! ! Are you fucking blind? "

"You town people are really good at playing!"

"Scumbag! She then became a notorious fan of the entertainment circle! !"

The screen changed dramatically. Even the reporters were shocked.

What the hell was going on?!

At the moment, on the stage, Simon looked awful. He sent someone to check out who was messing around, but no one knew what was going on. When the trend of public opinion changed, Simon didn't even know who was messing around.


When they were at a loss, a microphone rang out, and the voice drew everyone's attention.

The next second, a young man with short flaxen hair, dressed in a black suit, with a calm smile on his face, slowly stood up from the chair.

"Who is this man?"

"Are you from entertainment circle? What a surprise! "

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