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   Chapter 40 the only person I trust is her

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6324

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At Johnny's private office, the World Media.

The office door was closed, and a strong smell of cigarette pervaded the room.

It was rare for Jack to wear a black formal suit today. He was pacing around the house with a worn and distressed face. The ground was littered with cigarette butts. It was not until he finished the last cigarette that he turned his head to look at Johnny, who had been sitting quietly on the sofa with his head down.

"Johnny, it's so late now, She shouldn't have come here." Jack gritted his teeth and said dejectedly, with an unwilling but helpless expression on his face.

On the sofa, Johnny took a look at Jack quietly and said, "I trust her."

With his brows wrinkled and his fists clenched tightly, Jack asked, "Johnny, if she really has a solution, why hasn't she shown up yet? I even doubt that she is the person that they look for on purpose. "

Johnny looked at him coldly and said word by word, "Jack, she is the only one I trust in in this world besides you."

Jack still wanted to say something, but he just smiled bitterly. He sighed deeply, and then patted Johnny on the shoulder, "it's up to you. It's no use talking about it now. The press conference will soon begin, and we should get ready But could you please get rid of your bad habit of trusting others? "

Without saying a word, Johnny glanced at him, and stood up from the sofa slowly. His eyes passed Jack and fell on the huge French window behind him.

The city was still so dazzling, but how many people could stop and look up at the warmth far away in the sky.

"Let's go." Johnny then lowered his head, without moving an inch.

Jack nodded and took several deep breaths before he walked to the door and held the door handle.

Tonight was probably the end of his career, and the last time he came here. But as long as he could be with Johnny, he would not hesitate.

iquid on his body, which looked very embarrassing.

However, the thin young man was just sitting quietly in the chair. His pale and morbid skin seemed to be broken as soon as he touched him. His clear eyes were still calm, like a deep pool after a heavy rain, without any waves.

Everyone turned to look at the quiet young man. They couldn't imagine how a gentleman like him who looked so weak could be trapped in such a scandal.

All kinds of barrages flooded the platform at a crazy speed.

"Damn it! is this Johnny?! It's not like prostitution! "

"Damn it! Only I think that Johnny is good-looking! I really want to fuck you! "

"Fuck! It's him! He is the one who is whored!"

"It's an age which depends on the appearance. You can cheat on me! ! ! I promise I won't call the police! "

"Do you still have any sense of shame? Such a scumbag should be castrated! !"

"You bitches!"

On the stage, the young man slowly stood up and bowed to the reporters below.

When everybody was confused, the young man straightened up slowly, looked straight ahead, and said word by word, "I'm Johnny. I'm telling everyone here that I'm not involved in prostitution, nor cheat on anyone, I'll bear full legal responsibility for every word said above."

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