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   Chapter 38 does he have a girlfriend

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6783

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Cassandra waved her hand in front of Carlos and asked," what's wrong, Carlos?"

Hearing that, Carlos came back to his senses from the shock, He swallowed with a plop and said, "well Are you sure you want to go up like this? The master is having a meeting with the company's top managers... "

Are you sure that you won't scare those old men to death by going up like this?!

Then Cassandra looked down at her dress and asked," is there anything wrong? I think it's good! Is there anyone better in the world? "

Carlos almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Are you sure that it's okay He felt like his sister-in-law was here to make a mess!

"No problem. Let's go upstairs first, I'll take the bags for you," said Carlos with a wry smile

Shaking the insulation barrel in her hand, Cassandra said, "no, this is the sweet soup I brought for Martin. It's OK for me to take it, Let's go."

With a desperate expression, Carlos led Cassandra directly to the top floor by the private elevator of Martin. As soon as he came out of the elevator, he ran into the crowd of shareholders who were staring at Cassandra in amazement.

"Who is this handsome?! Why do I feel that I've never seen her before... "

"Holy shit! It was Carlos who picked him up in person, he is taking the private elevator of Mr. Lu, Is he a relative of Mr. Martín?"

"Wow, he is so handsome! Oh my God! I am like a real handsome man! "

"I wonder if he has a girlfriend..."

Hearing the crowd's discussion, Martin frowned slightly. At this time, a middle-aged man near him looked at Cassandra with a smile and then said, "Mr. Martín, is this your relative? My daughter is still single. Would you like to introduce her to me? "

Martin's face darkened as he heard the news, He gave the middle-aged man a quick glance and replied, "he is married."

That middle-aged man was stunned and a chill came to his back inexplicably. The middle-aged man coughed slightly, "well, he got married at such a young age. What a pity Well, Mr. Martín, we are lea


In the Yan garden, capital.

It was not until nearly midnight that Martin rushed back, though he was worn out by a long journey.

Cassandra curled up on the sofa and fell asleep. The blanket on her body fell to the ground somehow. Martin tiptoed to get it, picked it up and put it on her body.

His movement was so gentle that he woke Cassandra up. Cassandra suddenly opened her sleepy eyes, She rubbed her eyes and asked, "you're back, Martin?"

"Yes. Why don't you go to bed?"

After a yawn, Cassandra said, "I'm waiting for you. By the way, I cooked some juice for you. Wait here, I'll get it for you."

With his eyes darkened, Martin replied, "okay."

Then, Cassandra went to the kitchen to fetch a bowl of pear juice. After she saw Martin drink it, she asked if he was hungry or not, Martin shook his head and said, "you waited for me for a long time, didn't you?"

Cassandra nodded," Yeah, it's so boring to stay at home. When can we keep a pet? When you were away, I had a pet to kill time with. "

Martin said," Okay, I'll ask Carlos to do it."

Why do you ask him to go with you? Shouldn't we go to the wedding by ourselves? Martin, to be honest, you have never hit on any girl, have you? "

Why did you allow others to buy a pet?, What a pity!'!

No wonder she always wanted to climb the wall in her previous life!

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