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   Chapter 37 I have to come for an inspection

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In the Scenic Garden of the capital.

In front of a building of the community.

A black Benz s-grade car was parked in front of the building. Compared with the location sent by Johnny, Cassandra made sure that she didn't go the wrong way, and then got out of the car.

The Scenic Garden was a high-class apartment in the capital city. It had much privacy and privacy. Many celebrities in this circle lived here, so it was not surprising that Johnny lived here.

As soon as she finished her work, Cassandra rushed over. Although she didn't know why Johnny wanted to see her, she had a rough idea.

After she entered the building, she took the elevator directly to the floor where Johnny was. It was Jack who opened the door, who was wearing an anxious face.

He had been worrying about Johnny, as if he had grown ten years older overnight.

"Miss Cassandra, you are here. Come on in. Johnny has made a sweet soup for you, It's just out of the pot." Jack forced a smile on his pale face.

To be honest, he still didn't believe that this little girl could help Johnny. But till now, he had no choice but to act with Johnny. Otherwise, he really couldn't think of other ways to make him live like a normal person.

Then Cassandra nodded and said, "thank you, Jack."

Although Jack was often called brother by many people in the company, at this time it was in peace. The people in the company now looked at them as if they had seen a rat in the street. It was already rare for them not to say something bad.

With slightly red eyes, Jack turned his head and shouted in the kitchen, "come on in, Johnny. Your goddess has come, Come out with the sweet soup."

No matter how well he acted, Cassandra could still hear a bit of loneliness in his voice, but she didn't debunk it. Everyone had to experience a low point in their lives, and everyone had a strong will that they didn't want to be exposed.

At this moment, Johnny, wearing a cartoon style apron, came out with two bowls of soup in his hands.

to disguise herself in a previous life. Now she wanted to disguise herself and avoid meeting her acquaintances

About half an hour later.

At the headquarter of the Lu Group, capital.

A black Benz s-grade car stopped at the gate of the headquarters building, and several security guards stood in front of the car at the same time, not daring to breathe.

It was the car of their boss. Those who could take the old scooter must be someone close to him

The next second, a slender and beautiful man got out of the car.

The security guards standing at the door instantly widened their eyes and stared at the man without blinking. Having worked in the Lu Group for so long, they had seen many good-looking men, but when they saw this man at this time, they couldn't help but roll their eyes at his incredibly beautiful face.

"Carlos, this way..." Then Cassandra walked past the security guards and waved her hands in the hall.

Although Carlos had already prepared mentally, the moment he saw Cassandra in front of him, he was too shocked to say anything.

Damn it! ! 'is she really my sister-in-law?!

It was clearly a man! !

Why did his sister-in-law completely turn into a man just after changing a suit of clothes!

Carlos's eyes widened like two bells. Shit! His eyes were almost blind! !

How could he do that?!

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