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   Chapter 35 aren't you afraid of me

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The ward was eerily quiet.

Martin fixed his eyes on the girl in front of him. He was thirty years old, and since he was born, no one had ever told him to live on.

Since his parents died at a young age, he had been regarded as an ominous existence in the Lu clan. Even if he was outrageous now, Johnson put him in a cemetery when he was only five years old. Because he had said something wrong.

From that cold night to the endless cold night, he swore that he would get the Lu clan one day, and he would trample on those who had bullied him, step by step.

His path was always difficult.

The envious position of everyone was supposed to be stepped on blood and bones.

After a long pause, Martin lowered his eyes to conceal his tiredness and asked, "aren't you afraid of me?"

Cassandra's back got stiff for a while. In her previous life, she was really afraid of Martin, who was like a devil. He was cold, ruthless and bloodthirsty, with a lot of blood and people's lives in his hands.

But he had no choice born in such a family.

Normally, a winner would be a loser or a loser all his life, so he would either be humiliated and rolled his eyes for the rest of his life, or go all out to fight for it, even if he bet on his life.

Over the years, he had been treading on thin ice. He never dared to make a mistake in scheming. He couldn't even sleep peacefully. He had encountered numerous assassinations and almost died, and he survived them all.

"Why should I be afraid of you? You are just a normal man and you don't have a bunch of heads or arms better than me. Although you are a little fierce and don't smile much, you are still my husband. I used to be blind and like that kind of jerk, but, Martin, since the moment I married you, I haven't thought of anyone else. I have fallen in love with you. So, don't die Don't leave me alone, and live alone in this world. " Cassandra smiled indifferently.


r time, hypnosis did not have any effect on him, but it would cause a great loss to his body. In the future, he could not sleep well at all.

He was exhausted but could not fall asleep.

"No!", Cassandra stopped him at once! If you take too much sleeping pills, you'll suffer a lot Let me give you a massage to see if you can fall asleep. "

Martin glanced at her and put down his phone after a while. "Okay," , he replied

Letting out a sigh of relief, Cassandra took off her shoes and climbed onto the broad bed, while rubbing Martin's temple with her white, slender finger.

A few seconds later

Cassandra was surprised to find that Martin had already fallen asleep. what the hell?Why was he asleep?' she thought

What the hell was going on?

Why didn't she realize it before?

Just by relying on this skill, was she still worried that she couldn't become famous?!

However, a few minutes later, Cassandra stared at Martin's hand with a puzzled look. Martin's hand grasped her sleeve very tightly and she didn't know when. If she forced to get rid of Martin, she was afraid that if she woke him up, her efforts would be in vain.

After all, she didn't know whether he was asleep or because of her massage

Who am I? Where am I? Why are all flowers in front of me

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