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   Chapter 34 you are mine

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6583

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There was dead silence in the corridor.

Martin, in a black formal suit, plucked the top button of his neckline to the last one, wore a dark colored tie vertically down. After that, the man walked out of the operation room step by step. His face was pale and he looked normal.

Kevin shut his mouth and took a step back. Carlos looked at Martin with resignation. His young master would never be affected by anyone. He would deal with business in the first place even if he just came out of the operating room.

"Inform the planning department that I need the finished proposal before 6:00. Otherwise, let them go to the financial office to settle their salary tomorrow." Martin said word by word, passing by Cassandra.

Hearing that, Carlos was stunned for a while. With a devastated face, he looked at Martin and said, "master, your body now..."

"You can also go to the financial office tomorrow," added Martin in a cold voice

"Yes, I will contact the planning department right away.'', Carlos replied, lowering his head

Martin nodded and said," let Jalen go back to the gym if the stock somehow plummeted 3% in the morning."

The corner of Carlos's mouth twitched. In this case, let alone 3%, it was normal for him to fall 10%, OK!

However, he could do nothing about it since his master had said so. Wall Street's financial genius might be so excited after receiving his phone call and he would jump off the building again.

"Yes, master.'', Carlos swallowed

Martin said," Inform the board of directors that they should attend the meeting at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning and be kicked out if they are late for one second."

Carlos," Yes, master."

The next second, a skinny figure appeared in front of Martin. Clenching her fists, Cassandra glared at him indignantly and said word by word, "Martin, if you dare to say a word about business, I will go out and have a date with other men! Anyway, you are going to die sooner or later. At that ti

wear more? How could you not know how to take care of yourself? You are not a kid anymore. "

"Yes, it's my fault," said Martin

Cassandra rolled her eyes at him. It was not until she reached the ward with the man that she realized why did she have such strong reaction when he saw Martin so unloved his body after he fell into a coma?!

Did she do that just because he was the only life-saving straw for her?

Confusion streaked across Cassandra's eyes. She turned to look at Martin. In her previous life, she had only disliked and rejected this man, but no matter how she irritated him, he had never hurt her. She had thought that he was the worst man in the world, but he had always protected her in his own way.

As a girl in this new life, she has understood a lot of things, but this time, because a lot of things have changed, the darkest side hidden in a man's body was not completely activated. He was still cold and heartless, even to his family members

Resting her chin on her hands, Cassandra sighed and thought, 'why does this devil have such a good-looking face?'?

"Martin..." Cassandra suddenly asked.

On the bed, Martin slowly raised his eyes and replied, "yes."

After a few seconds of silence, Cassandra asked, "can you Live your life well, for me, live your life, okay? "

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