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   Chapter 33 Martin's coma

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Not only that, but also the FX International Group had suffered losses many times due to Walker, and even the group was on the verge of bankruptcy. After all, no matter how rich the Lu group was, it would not cost a huge price to support a scrap company.

Moreover, back then, Martin wasn't interested in running a meaningless entertainment company.

She never expected that it was Walker who took control of this matter.

But now, she could figure out many things that she hadn't figured out before.

Ella was a newcomer who was not famous at all under the name of starry international, Walker should have investigated her personal resume in advance. He knew that she had a seriously ill brother and that it would cost a lot of money. Therefore, he had designed this perfect trap for her.

Now, what he needed to do was to give a last resort to help the helpless Ella. As long as both she and Johnny appeared in the hotel, the police would deal with this matter. With the help of the police, Johnny could not give a convincing explanation.

And, if she guessed it right, Johnny should have received a call, saying that he was coming to take part in an audition or something related to a movie. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone out to the hotel alone before the filming crew could start the film.

No wonder he is the most famous star in the entertainment circle

Walker's arrangement was flawless. If she hadn't known in advance that Johnny was innocent and found out the ID and bank account of the other party, she couldn't have found the truth in such a short time.

But he couldn't tell if it was a coincidence that Walker chose to take over Johnny. Was it his plan against the World Media or For the sake of Roger?

Samuel's eyes narrowed dangerously, A moment later, she sent the ID and the remittance screenshot of bank account of Walker to her private e-mail. After that, she closed the computer.

"Ella, this matter has been a trap from beginning to end, You should be glad that you are not involved too much." The m

ealth and he has many business to deal with recently After the meeting in the evening, he went back to his office to deal with his brief case and then fainted. "

Cassandra's face darkened. It was already midnight when Martin came back from the Yan garden from work after a busy day. He had to attend to the meeting so late at night. Even a man of iron destroyer couldn't afford such a waste of time.

Noticing that there was something wrong with Cassandra, Carlos didn't dare to say anything more. He stood aside and held his breath.

About half an hour later, the door of the operating room opened. As soon as Kevin walked out of the operating room, Cassandra rushed forward and asked, "how is Martin?"

Kevin's face darkened as he explained, "he is overwrought because of overwork and unhealthy diet. I told him many times to take good care of himself no matter how busy he is. Moreover, he needs proper diet, If he continues to exhaust himself like this, even the immortals can't save him."

Shooting a glance at Carlos, Cassandra asked," tell me honestly, Did Martin eat on time today?"

Kevin said," Sister in law, please don't blame Carlos. Even if he given the food to his master, his master still wouldn't eat it. It was not the first time that he had a stomachache, but he would..."

"Shut up." A deep and hoarse voice came from behind.

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