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   Chapter 32 what's wrong

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He seemed to know everything about her

brother, No! No way!

Even if she could be cursed and trampled by everyone, her brother could never be in danger! !

Ella said in a low voice. She was trying her best to hide her sadness. It seemed that she was trying her best to hide her real feelings. After a long time, she said in a hoarse voice, "he is innocent. I can bear all the consequences But please let go of my brother? He is innocent... "

Huh Innocent?

Wasn't Johnny innocent?

If she hadn't known this, an innocent life would have ended in this way.

The man laughed in anger, "he's innocent? Then, it serves Johnny right to be framed by you. You not only have ruined his bright future, but also made him die in the name of a traitor Don't you think you are too selfish? "

Ella's face turned pale and her heart sank. She didn't mean to hurt anyone. After Johnny's accident, she had been concerned about it, and even tried her best to prove his innocence. However, Everyone took the opportunity to blame him when frustrated, no one believed that Johnny was innocent.

A young talented director with unlimited prospects was destroyed by her in this way

Despair gradually emerged in her eyes. Ella stared at the man numbly for a long time before she opened her mouth bitterly, "what do you want? I have paid that money to the hospital. I I can't afford that much money to compensate I can testify to you that I framed him up... "

The man's tense nerves relaxed a little.

To be honest, before she came here, she was not sure that she could persuade Ella, but she knew that Ella in her previous life could not stand the torture of conscience and finally stood out to tell the truth. However, at that time, the truth was no longer righteous for Johnny who had already died.

However, no matter in her previous life or this life, Ella did not know who was behind this. Now that it was i

her previous life!

A few minutes later

An IP address appeared on the screen. The man was holding his chin in one hand, as if thinking about something. A few seconds later, he quickly tapped the keyboard again, and after a crisp sound in the air, it fell into silence again.

He stared at the screen. In a flash, she seemed to figure it out.

"Can you log in to your bank account for me?" The man looked up at Ella and said.

Ella nodded and immediately logged in to her bank account. The man continued to operate the computer. After a crackling sound, an overseas account appeared on the screen of the computer, and the name of the account was a name she was very familiar with.

"Walker How is that possible? How could it be Mr. Lin! Is there anything wrong? How could it be you, Mr. Lin? " Ella said in disbelief, staring at the computer screen in astonishment.

Walker, the person in charge and CEO of starry international in GR group, was only a small agent in the company under GU's group in the past. He was also the most capable confidant under Roger, and after Roger taking over the company, he was even more popular, becoming the most popular figure in entertainment industry and being recognized as an entertainment group limited creator of music.

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