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   Chapter 30 She Will Make It

Right Here Waiting By URSULA CHAPMAN Characters: 5007

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By the time Wendell hung up the phone, his back was covered with cold sweat. He looked at Johnny and tapped the table with his fingers, making Johnny wonder what was on his mind.

The sound of his fingers tapping could be heard in the meeting room.

"Mr. He, since it has come to this, we have to give up on Johnny. We can't sacrifice the company for his sake, can we? Are you going to disobey the higher-ups?" the middle-aged man asked tentatively.

No one knew about the phone call Wendell and Johnny had just received. However, he could tell that Wendell had changed his mind.

He knew the reason Wendell hired Johnny was that he wanted to make the World Media prosperous. But it wasn't an easy thing.

'Humph! If it weren't for Wendell and Johnny going against me, the World Media would be mine now,' the man thought to himself.

Wendell cast a cold glance at the middle-aged man and snorted, "Simon, I am the president of the World Media. Are you so anxious to replace me?"

Simon Liang was the vice president of the World Media. He had come from FX International Group intending to replace Wendell, but never had a chance to do so. Now that he had a chance to deal with Wendell, he wouldn't let it slide.

With a smug expression, Simon said in a sarcastic tone, "Of course, you are the president of the World Media. I just hope that you can deal with this matter properly. After all, our company is on the verge of collapse."

His words seemed sincere, but the truth was that Simon was using the company's interests to turn the board members against Wendell.

Once Wendell gave up on Johnny, it would cause his employees to lose their trust in him. It would be hard for him to earn their trust again.

Of course, if Wendell chose to protect Johnny, it would still be advantageous to Simon. This would give Simon leverage against Wendell.

Simon thought to himself, 'You want to fight against me?

In your dreams!'

"You're right, Simon. I will take care of this matter fairly and clear Johnny's name. This is the only way to preserve our company's credibility." Wendell stared at Simon with his fists clenched tightly.

The entire room fell silent.

Johnny's face froze as he watched them quarrel. The scandal had taken a toll on him. However, hope started to bloom inside him.

At that moment, Jack felt an overwhelming sense of relief. He slumped back on the chair.

'Johnny, you'll be saved!'

Simon banged the table heavily. "Wendell, don't you think you'v

e gone too far? You are protecting one of your men by sacrificing the company! A person like you doesn't deserve to lead this company!"

"I agree with Simon."

"Yes, he's right. Mr. He wants to sacrifice the entire company for one man!"

"I heard that the higher-ups are furious."

While listening to the discussions of those around him, Wendell darkened. However, he knew that whatever choice he made, his company would suffer a considerable blow. The only thing he could do now was place his faith in the mysterious woman.

It was a gamble. If he won, he could keep both his position and the company, but if he lost, he would lose everything he'd worked for.

Wendell pursed his lips. 'I have no other choice,' he thought.

"I will settle this matter in a week. I will clear Johnny's name and the company's reputation. I promise you this," Wendell said with a stern face.

Simon glared at Wendell. "Don't you think it's too soon for you to make such a promise? What if you can't? Do you really want the whole company to be destroyed?"

Wendell knew Simon's true intentions. He laughed sarcastically at him. "If I can't do this in a week, I will resign from this position. I will retire from the entertainment industry. Would you be satisfied with that?"

Simon flashed a smug smile. 'Wendell is a fool! He would even risk his future to save a nobody. I'd like to see what tricks he has up his sleeve.'

Simon scoffed. "Well, let's wait and see. Of course, I hope you make it. But if fail, don't blame us for being rude."

Wendell met Simon's eyes and looked away. "I'll take care of this matter. If there's nothing else, you may all leave, except for Johnny."

Simon frowned and hesitated before leaving with the rest of the crowd.

After a short while, only Wendell and Johnny were left in the room.

Wendell raised his eyes and stared intently at Johnny. After a long pause, he finally asked, "Johnny, who is that woman?"

Johnny's body went tense, and he lowered his head and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry, Mr. He. I can't tell you anything. However, what I can tell you is that I trust her. I believe she can save us."

He couldn't explain why he would believe in a woman he'd only met once.

Perhaps it was because she was his only hope. Even if she were to fail, he would have no regrets.

He would have the courage to move forward if he knew that at least one person trusted in him.

It wouldn't matter. He only needed one person to believe him!

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