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   Chapter 30 she can make it

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After hanging up the phone, Gillian found that his back was covered with cold sweat. He looked at Johnny and tapped the table with his slender fingers, wondering what he was thinking at the moment.

The sound of fingers knocking on the table echoed in the meeting room.

"Mr. Gillian, since things have come to this, it's the least choice to give up on Johnny. You can't sacrifice all the interests of the company for him, can you? It's the order from the superior. Mr. He can even obey it now? " The middle-aged man said slowly.

Although he didn't know what phone call Gillian picked up, he had just changed his mind. Moreover, even Johnny stood out to take responsibility

Others didn't know, but he knew very well that it wasn't easy for Gillian to find such a young director. He had made great efforts to develop the World Media, but it was not easy for him to accomplish it!

Humph! If Gillian hadn't persuaded Johnny to stand up against him, all the World Media would have been his! !

Gillian glanced coldly at the middle-aged man suddenly, and snorted coldly. "Ho, Ho, Simon, I am the president of the World Media, Why, are you so anxious to replace me and order the public?"

Simon was the vice president of the World Media. Back then, he came over from the FX International Group, intending to replace Gillian, but never had the chance to turn over. This time, it was not easy to protect Johnny, so he had to suppress Gillian.

With a smug expression on his face, Simon spoke in a somewhat sarcastic tone, "of course, Mr. Gillian, you are the president of the World Media, so we all hope that you can deal with this matter fairly, but do not leave any evidence to the outside. After all, our company is not a small filthy company, and not anyone can easily break the dirty water with no means

These words were nice to hear, and it seemed that they were completely for the company, but in fact, Simon was using the company's interests to suppress Gillian, forcing him to surrender.

Once Gillian handed over the Johnny, it would not only quiet down the matter, but also break the hearts of everyone in the company. Even the person he had taught personally could not be protected. From now on, it would not be easy for him to build prestige again.

Of course, if Gillian doesn't hand over the Johnny, the fact was not bad for him. He had the more chance to fight against Gillian.

Ha, just want to fight against him with a little accomplishment?

What a fancy dream!

"Mr. Simon, you're right. I'll handle it perfectly, I'll get even with Johnny just for the sake of the interests of all the World Media." Staring at Simon, Gillian's fists were clenched tightly.

Just then, the whole conference room suddenly fell into silence.

Hearing this, Johnny's face suddenly froze. He was thin, pale and morbid. But now he looked very startled, as if something was blooming in his original gloomy eyes.

At that moment, Jack felt completely relieved as if all his body had been taken off. He slumped down on the chair, and his back was soaked with cold sweat.

'Johnny He was saved at last.

"Bang -"? Don't you think you've gone too far just for a director?! "Save your people at the cost of the interests of the company A person like you doesn't deserve to be the leader of the company at all! "

"I agree with you, Mr. Simon. You're right..."

"You are right, Mr. Gillian, is too arrogant to sacrifice the interests of the whole company for a man like him."

"I think so, too. I've heard that the upper leaders are very angry this time..."

Hearing the discussions of the people around, Gillian's face was more and more gloomy. However, he clearly knew that no matter what choice he made today, his company would suffer a heavy blow. The only thing he could do now was to believe in the woman whose name was even unknown.

It was a gamble. If he won, he could keep both his position and the company. If he lost, he would lose everything he had been working hard for many years.

Gillian tightened his pale lips into a line. 'I have no other options, ' he thought.

"I will find out the truth in seven days. I will explain to Johnny. This is my promise." Gillian took several deep breaths before he said with a cold face.

Simon stared coldly at Gillian with gloomy eyes. "Mr. Gillian, it's too early for you to say such big words. What if you can't do it? Do you really want to have everyone of the company buried with you? "

Of course, Gillian knew that Simon was intentional. He suddenly laughed in a low voice. "Seven days later, if I can't do it, I will actively resign from the title of president, and And I will never step into the entertainment industry again. Are you satisfied with this position? "

A hint of admiration appeared in Simon's eyes. Ho, Ho, Ho, Gillian was really a fool. He even risked his own future in order to save an innocent person, Johnny,. He would like to see what tricks he could play!

Simon sneered," since Mr. Gillian has such information, let's wait and see, Of course, I also hope that you really has the ability, otherwise, don't blame us for forgetting the old love."

Gillian glanced at Simon, and quickly retracted his gaze. "Well, I'll deal with this matter, and if there's nothing else, you can leave, Johnny, you stay."

Simon frowned subconsciously, glanced at Johnny with a chilly look, and then sneered and left the conference room with his people.

After a while, there were only two people in the meeting room, Johnny and Gillian.

Raising his eyes, Gillian stared at Johnny intently. After a long while, he asked in a low voice, "Johnny, could you please tell me Who the hell is she? "

With his back tightened, Johnny lowered his head and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry, Mr. Gillian. I can't tell you the truth. But I trust her, I believe she can do it."

He didn't know why he chose to believe a girl he had only met once.

Perhaps it was because of her trust that he was like a drowning man clutched at the last straw. Even if she failed seven days later, he still had no regret.

He had the courage to move on in this world, even if there was only one person who trusted him.

Even if There was only one person!

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