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   Chapter 29 I trust you

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Johnny remembered that he had interviewed the girl he had never seen in his life, and that she would make a name in the future

All these didn't matter anymore.

Johnny closed his eyes and said in a hoarse voice, "no, you don't have to get involved, I'll deal with it myself."

Now he was just like a rat crossing the street. Having a relationship with him, Cassandra would probably become the public enemy of the whole entertainment circle and even everyone, She had a very good background and acting skill, and if it was given some time, she would surely become outstanding.

Unfortunately, he could not wait for that time.

"I believe in you, director Johnny. I believe that you are innocent, I have a way to prove your innocence."

Johnny's back suddenly got stiff, and his pupils contracted sharply, with an unbelievable look on his face. He tightly held the phone, and the words the girl had just said echoed in his mind.

I trust you.

This word was like a thunder bolt hitting his head.

Since the incident, she was the first one that stood out to say that she trusted him. When everyone abandoned him, the girl who he had only seen once stood out and said that she wanted to prove his innocence.

Johnny pressed his lips tightly and the back of his hand was like a bowstring that had been drawn to its full range. The finger joints of his mobile phone were so white that it made him look very nervous. Everyone in the meeting room was looking at him, wondering who had called him just now.

He raised his head, despairing. "Why?" he asked in a hoarse voice after a long pause

Why would she believe him when everyone abandoned him? Even though what she had said was only a comfort, it was the greatest support for him now.

On the other side of the phone, the girl chuckled, "because you are Johnny, a director who never fought for anything but only wanted to put on good play. You are just an outsider in the entertainment circle, and you shouldn't end up like this. Director Johnny, if you trust me, please give me a chance. I will prove your innocence in seven days. "

"I trust you. But I'm afraid not now I have to work out a plan in the company. "

"You are with Mr. Gillian now, aren't you?" Cassandra suddenly asked.

"Yes, I'm here," Johnny replied

Cassandra said," Give the phone to Mr. Gillian, please, I'll talk to him."

Wearing a complicated expression on his face, Johnny asked," Mr. Gillian, can you hear me?"

As a matter of fact, Gillian was also confused by Johnny, But judging from the current situation of Johnny, this call seemed to have changed something.

Gillian was nervous, If he couldn't figure out a way to both sides, he would not only lose a hard-working Johnny, but also screw up his company. He was eager to see a God to torture him.

Gillian rubbed his swollen temples and held out his hand. Johnny handed the phone to him, "Hello," he said

"Hello, Mr. Gillian. I don't want to talk nonsense to you. I can help you solve the current problems. Not only your company, but also Johnny Mr. Gillian, are you interested in continuing our conversation? " Said Cassandra.

Gillian was troubled and did

n't know how to deal with the trouble. Was there really a God in his life?

However, this idea only flashed through his mind in an instant. It was not easy to solve this problem, not to mention that the other party was a woman he had never met. How could she solve it?

"Who the hell are you? If you want to take advantage of the situation to rob others, I think you ask the wrong person. "

But Cassandra didn't feel surprised at Gillian's thought. The scheme was perfect. If she hadn't known that Johnny was innocent, she wouldn't have the confidence to challenge him.

"Mr. Gillian, are you really willing to give up what you have now? Others might not know what Johnny is capable of, but you should know that he is your last hope Are you really going to give up? " Cassandra asked slowly with a smile.

Holding the phone tightly in his hand, Gillian's expression suddenly froze. He glanced at Johnny, seeming to think about something, After a long time, he said in a deep voice, "why should I believe in you?"

He had immersed himself in the entertainment industry for many years, but still couldn't find a way out. How could she do that?

"Mr. Gillian, do you have any other ideas? Even if you choose to sacrifice Johnny, do you really think that you can still protect the World Media? In the media world, you will be beaten down easily by them. Besides, the World Media is the worst company belonging to the FX International Group. You can give up Johnny just for the company. Can't the FX International Group also sacrifice both you and the World Media? " Cassandra smiled.

Gillian's face suddenly darkened and his pretended calmness was shattered into pieces, With a cold flash in his eyes, he gritted his teeth and said, "what can you do?"

Upon hearing this, Cassandra was much relieved. "Mr. Gillian, you don't need to know it. It's my secret, I promise that I will clear Johnny's name and keep your company safe within seven days."

With knitted eyebrows, Gillian rubbed his chin and asked in a low voice, "what about your condition? You're not going to tell me that you're doing it on purpose, are you? "

Raising her eyebrows, Cassandra replied," as expected, Mr. Gillian, I want a contract, a long-term cooperation with the World Media."

Gillian was stunned, he thought that Cassandra would ask for a large sum of money, but he didn't expect that she only asked for a contract. If she could keep the World Media and Johnny safe, he wouldn't frown, not to mention the contract.

"That's easy. I can promise you But what if you can't? " Asked Gillian in a low voice, squinting slightly.

Then Cassandra continued, "if I failed to protect your company, your boss is the only one in this world who is able to do that."

Hearing this, Gillian's face became serious, "Who the hell are you?"

Cassandra smiled," Mr. Gillian, you don't have to be so stubborn to know who I am. Everyone has a secret do not want to be known, you and I both have secrets, The only thing you need to know is that I can protect your company, right?"

After a moment's silence, Gillian gritted his teeth and said," Okay, I promise you."

He had no choice but to risk everything.

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