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   Chapter 27 Cassandra has been flirted again

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6985

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"I'm hungry. Have you had dinner yet?" Cassandra put down her iPad and asked.

When Martin was busy, he could hardly eat for a day, not to mention dinner. Even if Carlos sent the food to his hand, he would not touch it.

Except that the breakfast he had with Cassandra this morning, he didn't even drink a drop of water when he arrived at the company in order to finish his business as soon as possible and come back.

Martin shook his head and replied," No."

Hearing this, Cassandra frowned and muttered," it's so late. Why haven't you had dinner? How did Carlos do that? Didn't he prepare dinner for you? Is your personal assistant OK? "

Martin fixed his eyes on her and said," no, I'll deduct his salary."

Cassandra nodded her head and dragged Martin back to the couch. She said, "I'll talk to him some other day, Have a rest and I'll go get some food."

At that moment, Martin had an illusion that they were not newly married, but like old married couples who had spent a long time together.

He didn't withdraw his sight until the girl disappeared at the door. His eyes fell on the tablet computer that the girl put down. It was a list of microblog posts, and there was nothing unusual.

Martin didn't think too much about it. After all, it was an important way for Cassandra to get the news out of the entertainment circle, after all, she had taken her first step into it.

At the thought of this, the light in Martin's eyes dimmed. No matter how well Cassandra had spoken, he knew very well that she just wanted to escape from his control. She had even chosen to enter the entertainment circle because of another man

Clenching his fists, Martin managed to put a restraint on those restless and irritated negative emotions in his heart. At the moment, he was just like walking on a very thin steel wire, and it was determined whether he would fall down from the wire or not and if he would completely fall into the abyss of suffering and turn into a devil in the end, it all depended on one person.

Ten minutes later.

Then Cassandra came out with two bowls of steaming noodles.

"Well, it's so late now. I was afraid that you would wait for a long time, so I made some noodles. Make yourself up." Cassandra put the bowl on the table in front of Martin, and the bowl in the other side. Then she sat down next to him, picked up her chopsticks and began to eat.

Martin looked at the girl and after Cassandra ate little, she raised her head and said, "why don't you eat? Doesn't it taste good? "

Then she picked up the chopsticks to pick up some noodles into her bowl, and tried to figure out whether the noodles taste the same as her. She said with puzzlement, "the taste is the same as mine. If you don't eat more noodles, they will be cold, Cold noodles are not good for your stomach."

"I love to see you."

Cassandra, "..."

fuck! Was she hit by Martin again? She was in a hurry!

At the same time, Martin took up the chopsticks and started to eat the noodles with great elegance. By contrast, she was like a starving woman who just ate the noodles. She was not reserved at all.

Cassandra was speechless. It was so unfair! How could someone enjoy the noodles so much! ! Why did Martin have such a good-looking face!

As a tomboy, she admitted that she was tempted by him at that moment.

After they finished the noodles, Cassandra cleaned up the table. When she walked out of the kitchen, she found that Martin was talking on the

phone. Cassandra didn't want to disturb him and she didn't want to know too much about the business of Martin's company. For her, the less she knew about the Lu family, the better.

A few minutes later, when the phone was answered, Martin said in a serious tone, "you can go to have a rest first, I still have something to deal with."

Hearing this, Cassandra scratched her head, "are you going to the company?"

Martin nodded," yes."

Cassandra's brows slightly furrowed. In her previous life, Martin had been busy with both the company development and the covert struggles against the Lu family. Indeed, this was a critical moment for him. Too many things required him to make decisions all by himself, which made him like a top that would never stop for rest. No wonder his body had been taken up little by little.

At the thought of this, Cassandra lowered her head and asked," will you come back tonight?"

Martin hesitated for a while and shook his head, "No."

Cassandra sniffed, "well, I'll go upstairs."

"Yes," replied Martin

After taking the tablet PC to her bedroom, Cassandra went to the balcony and watched the black May Bach disappearing gradually in the darkness.

She stood on the balcony for a while before lying down on the bed. It was getting late and her heart was getting heavier.

Time passed and soon it was 12 o'clock.

Cassandra stared at the screen nervously. The screen lit up and a message popped up.

[the World Media young director, Johnny, was imprisoned for prostitution

Under this post, it was a photo of Johnny where he was taken away by the police. Although the photo was blurred and the name of the murderer was excluded, it was quickly exposed.

As soon as this post was released, it was quickly on the hot list, setting off a huge wave in the entertainment industry. In just a few minutes, the comments under this post exploded.

"How could he be so vicious to do that! Let me eat a melon first to calm myself down! "

"Scumbag! Rubbish! ! Get out of the entertainment circle! "

"Fuck! Prostitution?! Are you hungry for sex? "

"Are you sure this is not a rapist? He was absolutely insane! !"

With this microblog became the hottest topic, the criticism in the comment area became more and more intense, and the public opinions were getting more and more intense. Not only Johnny was pushed onto the headline, but the World Media was also attacked.

Less than an hour after the announcement was posted on microblog, a female artist, signed by the World Media, named Molly, also had a new post, claiming that she had been raped by Johnny in a relationship. At the end of the post, she was sobbing, claiming that she had mental breakdown because of having a hidden rule and depression. She worked hard this time, attempting to expose the true face of Johnny's beasts.

The moment Molly's post was released, it caused a huge uproar again. The commentary area of the comments soon covered the words of several people who had stood up to speak for Johnny or questioned the news.

With the popularity of these two microblog accounts continued to rise, under the pressure of the public opinion, the FX International Group said that they would seriously deal with this matter, and give the public a satisfactory explanation.

Even so, the enthusiasm of the public opinion did not decrease in the slightest. All kinds of news about Johnny were quickly leaked, and even the Johnny's families were not spared.

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