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   Chapter 27 I Love Looking At You

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"I'm hungry. Have you eaten yet?" Cassandra asked as she placed her tablet down on the table.

Whenever Martin was busy, he hardly ate. Even if Carlos sent him food, he wouldn't have the appetite for it.

Except for the breakfast he had with Cassandra that morning, he hadn't even drunk water the whole day. He wanted to finish his business as soon as possible and return home.

Martin shook his head and said, "No."

Cassandra frowned and replied, "Why haven't you eaten yet? It's already late! What was Carlos doing? Why didn't he prepare food for you? He is not a competent assistant at all!"

Martin nodded, "You're right; I should deduct his salary."

Cassandra nodded at Martin and dragged him to the sofa. "I'll talk to him some other time. You should get some rest. I'll go get us some food."

At that moment, Martin felt like they were not newly-weds, but a couple who had been married for many years.

He watched her until she left the room. His eyes fell on the tablet that she put down. She had been browsing Weibo, and there was nothing unusual about it.

Martin didn't overthink it. After all, he thought it was only natural for Cassandra to stay updated on the entertainment news.

At the thought of this, Martin's eyes dimmed. No matter what excuses Cassandra made, he knew that she was eager to break free from him. She even chose to enter the entertainment industry because of Roger.

He clenched his fist and managed to reign in the restless and negative emotions that suddenly overwhelmed him. If Cassandra betrayed him, he was sure he would go crazy.

A few moments later,

Cassandra came out, holding two steaming bowls of noodles.

"It's late, so I was only able to make some simple noodles. I didn't want you to wait long. Help yourself, please." Cassandra placed a bowl in front of Martin, then sat down next to him to begin eating.

Martin stared affectionately at her as she ate. She suddenly looked up and asked, "Why aren't you eating? Do they taste bad?"

She then picked up some noodles to figure out whether there was something wrong with the taste. "They taste the same as mine. If you don't eat soon, the noodles will get cold. Cold noodles aren't good for your stomach," she warned.

"I love looking at you," Martin said.

Cassandra's hand stilled.

Damn it! Was he trying to hit on her again? She should get out of here!

Martin picked up his chopsticks and began to eat his noodles. He ate elegantly, whereas she looked like a starved cavewoman devouring her noodles.

Cassandra was speechless. It was so unfair! How could someone look that dashing while eating noodles? Why did he have to be so good-looking?

She had to admit that she was tempted by him at that moment. She couldn't stop sneaking glances at him.

When they finished their noodles, Cassandra got up to clean the table. She found Martin talking on the phone when she left the kitchen. She didn't want to disturb him, and she had no interest in learning about his business. For her, the less she knew a

bout the Lu Clan, the better.

A few minutes later, Martin said in a serious tone, "You can go and rest now; I still have something to take care of."

Cassandra scratched her head and asked, "Do you have to go to the company?"

"Yes," Martin nodded.

Cassandra's brows furrowed. In her previous life, Martin had been preoccupied with both the company's and the Lu Clan's matters. She knew that this was a critical time for him. He had to make decisions all by himself, which meant that he could never stop to rest. No wonder he was in poor health.

At the thought of this, Cassandra lowered her head and asked, "Will you be back tonight?"

Martin hesitated before shaking his head. "No."

Cassandra bit her lips and nodded, "Alright, take care. I'll go upstairs now."

"Good night," Martin replied.

When she got into her room, she wandered off to the balcony and watched the black Maybach disappear into the night.

She stayed on the balcony for a long time before heading to bed. It was getting late, and her heart was heavy.

Soon enough, it was already past midnight.

Cassandra looked at the tablet screen nervously. The screen suddenly lit up, and a message appeared.

"The World Media's young director, Mr. Han, has been imprisoned for prostitution."

Under the post was a photo of Johnny being escorted by the police. Although the article initially blurred his face and didn't reveal his name, the online users still found out his information soon.

As soon as the post was released, it quickly went viral and set off a massive wave in the entertainment industry. In just a few minutes, thousands of comments flooded the post.

"How could someone be so evil?" "Let me eat something to calm myself!"

"Scumbag! He's trash!" "He's a worthless human being!" "He should be banned from the entertainment industry!"

"Prostitution?" "What was he thinking?" "Is he that desperate for sex?"

"Are you sure he isn't a rapist?" "He's insane!" "This guy needs to stay in prison forever!"

As the article gained traction, the criticism in the comments section became more and more intense. Not only was Johnny being attacked, but also the World Media.

Less than an hour after the post was released, a female actress, Molly Lin, who was previously signed with the World Media, released a statement that Johnny had raped her. She claimed that she was suffering from mental breakdowns and depression because of it. She said she was determined to expose Johnny's true identity!

The moment Molly's post was released, another wave took over the entertainment circle. Hate comments soon took over the few comments of people questioning the news's credibility.

With the popularity of the news rising, and the growing negative public opinion, the FX International Group released a statement that they would deal with this matter and give the public a satisfactory explanation.

The statement wasn't enough to sway public opinion. All kinds of news about Johnny was released, and even his family were involved.

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