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   Chapter 26 it's so boring to stay at home

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An hour later.

Roger received an email on time. He stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and clicked it. The email was a condensed file, so he downloaded it.

The content of the video was the whole process that Cassandra attended the interview today. Both she and Susan were students in the media department of the emperor's University. Susan, with her outstanding appearance, became a beauty of the Department of the media. Besides, with the resources of the GU's group, Susan had been a popular new employee in the entertainment circle at university.

Until today, she had become the most beautiful woman in starry international, a subsidiary of GU's group.

At that time, Cassandra ran around the filming site like a cat on hot bricks, and even didn't show up on the stage with lines. In fact, she looked no worse than Susan and even had a better look than Susan. However, Cassandra was too introverted and always wore an obedient and low eyebrow, which made him very displeased.

Back then, Roger was a hot blooded teenager, After having an love affair with Susan, he was fascinated by her. At first, he was a little guilty to Cassandra, but after a long time, he was annoyed by her. He even couldn't behave politely.

He thought that as long as Cassandra agreed to marry replace Susan, he would be completely relieved. But somehow, he always thought of Cassandra's eyes, which were very captivating, Her face was clearly the same as before, but he felt that she had changed.

What went wrong?

In the video, the girl dressed in red and white clothes, as if she were the only one standing in the center of the stage.

"Aha Leo, I, Sophia, must have been blind to believe that you can save my family... "

She took a deep breath and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. When the tears dry, her eyes also turned deserted and cold.

"From now on, we have nothing to do with each other. Don't you want the world to be under your control I'll take it from you. I'll destroy anything you want to protect, even at the cost of losing my life! "

Looking at the girl in the video, Roger was lost in thought for a long time. It was the first time he watched the performance of Cassandra, even it was just an audition. But the moment he saw her on the stage, she seemed to have integrated with her role. Such a performance could only be performed by the skilled actors of the whole entertainment circle.

How could this be!

In fact, Cassandra was only a little-known actor who just graduated from the emperor University, only responsible for doing non-essential trivia, but her acting skill was so amazing!

Roger's breath gradually became heavy, and he stared at the girl on the screen. This girl should have belonged to him originally!


Upon hearing this, Roger's face darkened. A glimmer of coldness flashed across his eyes, If he couldn't have it, He would rather ruin it

The next morning, Cassandra received a call from Johnny, who told her that the crew had almost finished preparing and that she could start up the filming three days later.

Cassandra looked at the clock and found that it was the early morning of the night when Johnny was framed.

When Johnny was framed, the show had not yet officially started, After the scandal of garret's prostitution was exposed, the heroine of the movie, Molly, whom Johnny had signed a

t that time, directly framed Johnny, She told it to people that Johnny had hooked up with her during the auditorium, leaving her in the position of a underdog, and gaining enough sympathy for her.

The group of people on the Internet felt agitated and cursed at Johnny. Some of them even went to his houses and company, making him the target of criticism. After a while, Molly's agent made her the biggest victims of prostitution. With a few hot topics, she quickly became popular and became a righteous female star, and directly promoted from an eighteenth-line actress to a second-line star. After that, she was signed by the star empire, Later, she became a A-line actress in the entertainment industry because of a series of movies, and even the stain which finally made her successful was completely wiped out.

Later, that lady, who wronged Johnny, stood out to fight for Johnny, but she did not say who bought her off with money. So Cassandra did not know who was behind all this. Even if she knew that Johnny would be slandered, she still could not stop it.

If she couldn't find out the backstage manipulator, she wouldn't be able to prove Johnny's innocence.

Cassandra stayed in the Yan garden the whole day and was on microblog. She couldn't stop this for the moment, but at least she knew the truth of the matter. Next, what she wanted to do was to find out the person behind it. She not only wanted to fight against Johnny, but also wanted the world to see the ugly face of Molly.

Molly was only a little-known actor, and it was Johnny who had exceedingly demanded her to be the heroine of the play. Unexpectedly, instead of thanking him, Molly had created rumors when Johnny had been in a tough time, and pushed him against the headlines of the public. And she had become a popular star. What a crazy woman she was.

When Martin came back, he saw that Cassandra was curling up on the sofa with a tablet in her hand, looking listless. He wondered what she was reading.

Martin quietly walked up to the sofa, but Cassandra was still staring at the tablet PC, not noticing that.

"What's wrong with you?" Martin asked abruptly.

It was not until she heard Martin's voice that Cassandra came to herself. She looked up and saw a man in a black suit walking out of an ancient scroll.

Shaking her head, Cassandra answered, "No, It's just too boring to stay at home."

She hadn't stepped out of the door of the hall for a whole day, and she was imagining what she would do next. However, she couldn't explain it to Martin, so she just said a few words.

Martin thought she was complaining with a frown and asked after a short silence, "are you hungry?"

After hearing him, Cassandra realized that she hadn't eaten anything yet and had been holding the iPad all the time. She checked the time. It was almost 11 o'clock in the evening, and Martin finally came back home.

What she didn't know was that if Martin hadn't come back to see her, Martin should be still in his office, because he had punished Elder · Lucia before. Although the rest of the clan members were well behaved on the surface, they had caused a lot of trouble to Martin in secret.

If it had been in the past, he would have stayed up and dealt with his business. But now he just wanted to come back to her after getting rid of those bad memories.

She was his only weakness.

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