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   Chapter 25 is it because of him

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"Holy shit! This sweet and sour spareribs are so delicious. It's the most delicious spareribs I've ever had And the garlic flavored chicken wings 'oh my God! Is this cabbages so delicious?' You are just a fairy! ! The chef of the five-star hotel must have suffered a lot! No wonder master doesn't even attend the meeting and comes back for dinner. If I were him, I would be willing to feed to death! " As Carlos flirted with Cassandra, he praised her profusely. He almost bit off his own tongue.

Upon hearing the first half of Carlos's words, Cassandra thought that his acting skills were too exaggerated. His mouth was bleeding when she heard the last sentence. Out of instinct, she looked at Martin.

Uh If she remembered correctly, she had asked Martin if he would come back for dinner tonight

Martin gave Carlos a creepy look. The sight of his young master intimidated him. Did he say something wrong? Why did his master want to torture him?

After they finally finished the meal, Carlos touched his round belly and left immediately.

After cleaning up the dining table, Cassandra went out of the kitchen. At this time, Martin was sitting on the sofa and having a video meeting with others. He muttered some complex and unskilled words from time to time.

Cassandra was stunned by what she saw. In fact, Martin was much more handsome than Roger. Moreover, this man was not only handsome and rich, but also the prince in the hearts of countless girls. Even if he didn't say anything there, it was the most attractive scenery for them.

Why couldn't she see the love and care in her previous life?

"Is it beautiful?" A eunuch's voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

Cassandra came to her sense and found the man's eyes staring at her. Her ears were burning. She lowered her head with guilt and coughed, "no, I'm sorry to bother you as you are busy Then... If there is nothing else, I will go to read the script first. "

Martin closed the laptop before him and said," the meeting has been over, I'll read the script with you."

Cassandra, "..."

I can't

How should I refuse to make myself look pure and honest?!

Cassandra smiled awkwardly, "well It's so boring to read the script. Don't you think it's boring? "

"No," replied Martin, whose eyes darkened instantly

Not knowing which of her words irritated Martin, Cassandra tried to ignore the man's emotion and smiled as if she didn't care at all," Then I'll go to prepare some fruit and you can accompany me to remember the lines later."

"Yes," replied Martin in a softened voice

Cassandra went to the kitchen to prepare some fruit, and went upstairs with the fruit in her hands. When she pushed the door of the study, she saw Martin standing on the balcony haughtily. Because of his back, she couldn't see his expression.

For some reason, Cassandra suddenly felt that this man in front of her was no longer as cold and terrible as her previous life. He was alone and helpless, and no matter what happened, he had always shoulder the responsibility alone. The intrigue in the family, brothers hurt each other

Nobody had ever asked him how he managed to go through those long and cold nights.

Originally, she had only had fear and awe for this man, but at that moment, she seemed to have waver

ed a little.

"Martin..." Cassandra called out unconsciously.

The man on the balcony turned around, his eyes looking down, his emotion unable to be seen clearly. There was a imperceptible confusion on his always expressionless face, but it disappeared in an instant.

"Come here." Martin went straight to the sofa and sat down, with his legs crossed casually.

Then Cassandra put the fruit on the table and sat down next to Martin.

A hint of astonishment flashed through the man's eyes. He thought that Cassandra would quarrel with him after she married him and he had better be well prepared, but she seemed to have forgotten everything in the past and wanted to start all over with him.

Was he thinking too much?

"I'll play the scene when I met the main character. Martin, please put forward my speech for me." Cassandra asked.

Martin glanced at the script on the table and replied," okay."

He really wanted to ask her why she had to choose from so many industries Was it because of Roger?

'Cassandra, I hope you won't disappoint me...'

Otherwise, I really don't know what I will do

In the brumous Villa District of the capital.

In the study of Gu's villa.

In the study room, it was bright. Sitting on the chair, Roger untied several buttons on his collar and loosened his tie, revealing a row of beautiful collarbones. There was a half burned cigarette between his fingers, with a trace of impatience in his eyebrows.


A sudden ringtone broke the silence.

"Hello," answered the man in a hoarse voice after playing with the phone

"Mr. Roger, we have arranged everything about Miss Susan, As long as this movie is shown on time, this year's golden brown award movie will definitely be her."

He had invested hundreds of millions. It would be a shame if Susan couldn't even get a movie queen.

"Well, I see. Is there anything else you want to tell me?"

"Yes, yes. Mr. GU, do you want me to keep an eye on your sister-in-law, Cassandra? She also went to the World Media for audition today, but I don't know what your sister-in-law is thinking. She not only went to the world media, but also chose a young director who is not well-known. His name is Oh, I remember her name is Johnny. Yes, he is called Johnny. She played a supporting role in a movie, and she was a secondary lead. At last, she succeeded in the audition. "

the World Media, Upon hearing this, Roger's face darkened immediately, the World Media was the property of Lu group. Even though it was just the worst managed company, the last name of this company was Lu.

"Aren't you always in charge of your own resources? It's a waste of resources to keep that kind of garbage company, I'll give you a week. Don't let me see the words' of the World Media '. Otherwise, you can make decisions by yourself. "

Without waiting for his response, Roger hung up the phone. The moment he heard that Cassandra went to the World Media, a gust of anger rose from the bottom of his heart.

A few seconds later, something seemed to have occurred to Roger GU. He picked up the phone on the table and dialed the number he called just now. When the phone was connected, he said coldly, "I'll give you one hour to check the video of Cassandra's audition, Send it to my email."

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