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   Chapter 24 you are my wife

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"Clap!" A loud sound suddenly rang in the room.

With great excitement, Johnny banged the table and stood up from the chair. His eyes turned red. "That's what I feel! That's exactly what I want! With the enmity which had been buried deep in Sophia's heart for so many years, she had sworn to destroy the world. Now, she didn't care about people's lives as well as their lives, so she didn't love and hate anyone else. Such hatred was the taboo hidden in her heart Well, I'm sorry that I was too excited. Miss Cassandra, you are awesome! This is the one I want most! congratulations! You passed the audition. This role The role is yours now! "

While on the stage, the last few words uttered by Johnny kept resounding in Cassandra's ears. At last, her dangling heart was finally put down, She bowed deeply to him and said, "thank you, director Johnny."

She wouldn't have acted like this if she hadn't experienced what happened in her previous life. She hadn't experienced the betrayal of her loved ones, the scheme of her loved ones, or her life-threatening in her own life, but she hadn't experienced the state of mind in her previous life. It was impossible for her to understand what Sophia felt at that moment.

In other words, at this moment, she was just the same as the woman, Sophia, in the script, but she was a little luckier than the woman, who returned to the past after she died, so she had the chance to avenge herself in the previous life.

"You're welcome, Miss Cassandra. I should thank you for letting me see the most brilliant role in this play, Miss Cassandra, I'm sure that I'll win a prize, and you'll be an outstanding actress in the entertainment circle," said Johnny

Staring at the talking and laughing young director in front of her, who was so ambitious and didn't want to be trampled on by the entertainment circle, it was hard to imagine that not long after, this young man would forever leave the world.

But this time, she was still counting on this young man to turn the tables. So he couldn't die!

She had chosen thousands of men for her. How could he be destroyed by those despicable people!

Then Cassandra smiled and said, "thank you, director Johnny, Thank you for giving me this opportunity."

Perhaps for Johnny, it was just a show. Even if it failed this time, he would have another play. But for Cassandra, it was the only chance for her to rise up.

If she failed, she would be beaten back to her original shape and become a plaything of Martin from now on. Even if she didn't have the same end as she did in her previous life, she would only be a hidden bird raised by Martin.

She wanted to break free from the shackles of fate, and she wanted to avenge herself in her previous life This was the best beginning of the show!

Only if she was strong enough to compete with Martin could she dominate her own fate!

After signing the contract, Cassandra held tightly the contract. When it came out from all the World Media, she was still shocked.

After a long time, she took out her phone and took a picture. She was about to send the picture to Martin with the following words: I hope you can be as good as your baby? I have passed the examination. MUA~

After that, there was a kiss expression.

After a few seconds, she received a reply from Martin with only one simple word, "congratulations.".

Cassandra held her ph

one in her hand, staring at the screen. For a moment, there was an inexplicable emotion in her heart, but she hesitated for a moment before replying, "in order to celebrate my success of the interview, I will cook myself tonight, Mr. Martin, do you want to come back for dinner?"?

In her memory, Martin had been very busy with his long-term overtime work, which led to a excessive consumption of his health. Since they had been married for several years, Martin's health deteriorated rapidly. In her previous life, she had hoped that he had died early, but now, he was her last hope.

Sometimes life was just like a soap opera. She was very afraid of Martin, but she had to please him.

When Cassandra was lost in thought, her cell phone buzzed, She glanced at the screen, and it was a reply from Martin, which was in the brief style, "okay.".

Cassandra closed her eyes lonely. All of a sudden, endless grievances welled up in her heart, but soon she forcefully suppressed them.

Her path was always difficult. Even if she had to fight alone, she would never retreat half a step!

At this moment, the mobile phone of Cassandra vibrated again and a new entertainment message popped up on the microblog. Cassandra opened the message with her fingers.

"It is reported that Miss Susan, the number one sister of starry international, has confirmed to perform in the new IP of starry star Empire and her role as the leading actress, together with Golden Palm Award, movie emperor and King Dynasty Entertainment's eldest brother, Julius, please pay attention to the details..."

Cassandra's eyes narrowed into a straight line If it weren't for the arranged by Roger to give her the best resources under the international group, how could it be possible for her to be as famous as that with Susan's acting skill!

But so what?

Even if she had nothing now, she would get to the peak with her own strength one day!

In the Yan garden, capital.

After returning home, Cassandra put away the contract and then went downstairs to cook. Today's audition went smoothly, and she was in a good mood, so she prepared several dishes that Martin liked.

When Martin came back, the last dish was just out of the pot. After it was served, Cassandra didn't even have the chance to take the apron. With a look of praise, she approached the man and said, "Martin, look, These are your favorite dishes, aren't they?"

Martin, sensing the girl's intention to please him, was somewhat pleased and nodded, "well done!"

Cassandra pouted," such a perfunctory answer, Could you be more attentive?"

Martin stretched out his hand and gently rubbed the girl's head, "well, you are awesome, my wife."

Cassandra felt nauseating, 'damn it! I only asked for being not distracted. I didn't ask to speak affective words! ! His words really hurt Carlos's feeling

Seeing the scene, Carlos felt embarrassed and shameful! he was just married, could he be more reserved!

Cassandra coughed, "come on, sit down and eat. Carlos, you haven't eaten yet, right? You can eat here. "

Carlos looked at his master with eager eyes. To be honest, he also wanted to try the cooking skills of his sister-in-law, but he did not dare to casually promise it because of Martin's envy.

Shooting him a cold glance, Martin said, "sit down."

With excitement on his face, Carlos almost knelt down to thank him.

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