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   Chapter 23 really want to know

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"How is it going? Miss Cassandra, is there anything you need to ask director Johnny? " Seeing that Cassandra looked at the painting silently for quite a while, Jack coughed and asked.

To be honest, even he felt that it was difficult for him to play the supporting role. Especially for this new graduate student who had just graduated and had no experience, once she didn't play well, she would play a role in a movie with a totally different style. Moreover, even if she failed in the interview, she might be impressed mentally.

Cassandra put down the paper, shook her head, and then nodded, Jack was confused, wondering what's wrong with the paper?

"Mr. Johnny, I have only one question." Then Cassandra turned to look at Johnny.

Johnny nodded, "sure, Miss Cassandra."

A sad picture flitted across Cassandra's mind, She took a deep breath and said, "as I've told you, the female second heroine, Sophia, is a principal thug. She used to be a carefree, innocent war general. She went all the way here because her family was destroyed and her beloved man betrayed her How could you think of such an evil person? "

A trace of astonishment flashed across Johnny's face. He looked at Cassandra as if he had seen a ghost. If it wasn't for the script that had never been disclosed to the public, he even doubted if Cassandra had read all of the scripts to make him confused.

In fact, when he was composing this play, he didn't know what to do. No one was born a bad person. During the fight against Sophia, who was one of the faction leaders, she was forced into a corner step by step. She still had a place in her heart even in the end. However, the winner took all and the loser took all, Besides, it was true that she was bloody and righteous, but at the beginning, she also wanted to defend herself She was just a woman's heart.

In fact, compared with the role of the leading actress, Sophia was more clever and Johnny didn't know what to do. That was why he was surprised when he heard that Cassandra wanted to audition the supporting actress.

Looking at Cassandra, Johnny said frankly, "you're right. Sophia isn't an evil person. She has no right to choose in that kind of environment. The nine clans were destroyed, and her lover betrayed her, which led to her crimes. Later, she was cruel, kind, and innocent, because no one stood out to stand up for her when she had nowhere to go and bullied, No one has asked how she was reborn from the blood. She is not on the right path, but she is not evil. Everyone has a scale in their hearts. However, I really want to know, Miss Cassandra, what do you think of her? "

On hearing this, Cassandra smiled and asked, ," director Johnny, do you really want to know?"

Johnny nodded, Cassandra's eyes turned cold. She said word by word, "if I were her, I would be more ruthless and cruel than her. I don't care what kind of person he is, nor what the world he is under his control, But if anyone hurts me, I will eliminate him with slaughter, and destroy the whole world!"

At that moment, the whole room was suddenly dead silent.

All the people looked at Cassandra. She just uttered a few words, but they could feel an invisible murderous aura from her. At this moment, Cassandra was just

like Sophia. She even waved her hands to summon fire and wolves to stop them from killing.

"Okay! You have a sharp eyes! Jack, take her to get changed right away! " A moment later, Johnny was the first one to react. With an excited and joyful face, he stared at Cassandra.

The moment Cassandra spoke, Johnny seemed to see his role come to life. His eyes looked calm, but there was endless murderous intent in them.

That was exactly what he wanted. He wanted the second female lead, Sophia! !

Hearing this, Jack came back to his senses from the shock and immediately said, "Okay, okay. Miss Cassandra, please come with me."

Cassandra acted as usual, as if the murderous woman wasn't her. If it wasn't for what Cassandra said, it was hard for Johnny to believe that she was a fresh graduate from the University.

Somehow, he started to expect what would happen Maybe the movie would really shine with brilliance!

There was a simple fitting room in the auditorium, where several sets of acting clothes were placed, After taking Cassandra to the studio, Jack pointed to the clothes, and said, "choose one of these suit to change. After you change into it, you can go out, I will wait for you outside."

After expressing her thanks, Jack left the room. Cassandra glanced at the clothes hanging on the hanger and her eyes fell on the clothes at the end.

A few minutes later.

The door was pushed open, and people in the room looked over. A young man in a red and white robe with a high ponytail on his head, dressed as a vagabode, appeared in front of them.

With his sharp eyebrows and bright eyes, he looked like a mighty warrior.

She walked up to them step by step until she was in the center of the stage. She bowed to them slightly and said in a clear voice, "director, I'm ready."

It was not until now that Johnny and the others came back to their senses from the stunned look on her face.

Why did Cassandra just change a set of filming clothes and even haven't put on makeup? But her appearance, as well as her temperament from inside, had completely changed. At the moment, she was like the incarnation of a role in the play!

Suppressing the shock and excitement in his heart, Johnny immediately replied, "Okay, you can start now."

The moment Johnny finished speaking, the look in Cassandra's eyes changed. It seemed that she had been angered and sad, but there was nothing in her eyes. She stood there motionlessly as if she was abandoned by the whole world.

"Haha..." After a long while, she slowly opened her eyes. Those eyes, which were always smiling, were filled with endless murderous look. She stared at him coldly and said word by word, "Leo, I'm so blind to believe that you can save our family..."

She took a deep breath and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. When the tears dry, her eyes also turned deserted and cold.

"From now on, we have nothing to do with each other. Don't you want the world to be under your control I am going to take it from you. I will destroy what you want to protect I will not regret it even at the cost of my life! "

As soon as she finished speaking, she slowly showed a smile, but it was extremely cold and apathetic, which made people feel flustered.

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