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   Chapter 23 Do You Really Want To Know

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"How is it going? Ms. Yan, if there's anything you don't understand, please feel free to ask Johnny," Jack said after observing that Cassandra was pondering over the script for a few moments.

In his opinion, the supporting role's scenes were difficult to perform. As someone who was a new graduate and had no acting experience, she would have difficulty playing the scene. If she failed this audition, her confidence in acting would plummet.

Cassandra placed the paper down, shook her head, and then nodded. Jack was confused by her reaction. Did she have a problem or not?

"I only have one question." Cassandra turned to face Johnny.

Johnny nodded, "Sure, Ms. Yan."

A sad image flitted across Cassandra's mind, and she took a deep breath before asking, "The supporting role, Sophia, was a vicious woman. She used to be carefree and innocent. She changed after her family was destroyed and the man she loved betrayed her. What inspired you to write a character like this?"

Astonishment flashed across Johnny's face. He looked at Cassandra as if she were a ghost. If he wasn't confident that the script had never been disclosed to the public, he would think that she had read through it before.

When he was composing this play, he had conflicting feelings. He believed that no one was born evil. Sophia Su was turned into a vicious woman by fate. After everything she had been through, she still kept a sense of purity. While it was true that she was a bloodthirsty and ruthless woman, all she wanted was to please the man she loved.

When he compared Sophia to the female lead, he found her to be more attractive. That was why he was surprised to hear that Cassandra shared the same fondness for the character as he did.

Johnny stared at Cassandra before saying, "You're right. I don't think that Sophia was born evil. Her clan was destroyed, and she was betrayed by her beloved. She was forced to become cruel because no one stood for her, and she had no other choice. She wasn't on the right path, but she also wasn't evil. Everyone has their own opinions. What do you think of her, Ms. Yan?"

Upon hearing this, Cassandra smiled and asked, "Do you really want to know?"

Johnny nodded, and Cassandra's eyes turned cold. She said slowly, "If I were in her position, I would be more ruthless and cruel. If anyone hurt me, they will pay with blood."

The room was dead silent after Cassandra's declaration.

They all looked at her. They could feel the murderous intent behind her words. Cassandra was just like Sophia at the exact moment.

"Great! This is what I want! Jack, please take her to get changed right away!" Johnny was the first to c

ompose himself. He looked at Cassandra with an excited look.

The moment she began speaking, Johnny could feel the role coming to life through her. Her eyes were calm, but one couldn't help but shiver under her gaze.

That was precisely what he was looking for! She had to play Sophia!

Jack came to his senses and motioned for Cassandra to follow after him so she could change into her costume.

Cassandra nodded as if the woman just now wasn't her. Johnny couldn't believe that she was a fresh graduate from university and had no acting experience.

Somehow, hope and expectation fluttered in his heart. Maybe his movie would shine with brilliance!

There was a simple fitting room inside the auditorium with several sets of costumes. Jack pointed to the clothing racks and said, "You can choose which one would suit you the most. Take your time. I will wait for you outside."

After Cassandra expressed her thanks, Jack left the room. Her eyes roamed through the racks, and her eyes fell on a costume.

A few moments later

The door was pushed open, and everyone looked in that direction. A young woman in a red and white robe with a high ponytail appeared in front of them. The woman looked like a martial artist.

With her sharp eyebrows and intense eyes, she looked like a mighty warrior.

She walked up to them until she was centered on the stage. She bowed slightly and said in a clear voice, "Director, I'm ready."

Everyone was amazed by her costume choice.

Cassandra only changed into the costume and didn't even wear any makeup. However, her appearance and temperament were totally different. She brought the character to life!

Johnny struggled to contain the shock and excitement that he felt. "You may start now," he instructed.

The moment Johnny finished speaking, Cassandra closed her eyes. She was angered and sad. She stood in the middle of the stage as if the whole world abandoned her.

After a short pause, she slowly opened her eyes. Those eyes that always smiled in the past were now filled with murderous intent. With a stone-cold face, she said slowly, "Leo Chu, I was a fool to think that you would save our family."

She took a deep breath and hastily wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Her eyes turned intense and cold.

"From now on, I don't want anything to do with you. I know you thirst for power and you want to control the world. If there's anything you yearn for, I'll take it away from you. If there's something you wish to protect, I will destroy it. I will go against you even if it costs me my life!"

As soon as she finished speaking, a spiteful smile touched the corners of her mouth.

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