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   Chapter 22 I'm not here to mess up

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"Cassandra Oh, right, I've received your resume before. You're a top student in the Department of performance of the Emperor University. Oh, really?, Come with me, the place of director Johnny's audition is there. " Jack nodded and led Cassandra to walk forward.

This was not a big room. The first floor was a waiting area, but because Johnny was not famous at this time, there were only a few young people who came to audition. The first floor was the formal audition room.

It was also the first time that Cassandra came to such a place, so she followed closely behind Jack. This audition was of great importance to her, and she couldn't make a mistake.

Once Cassandra walked past the waiting area and was about to step into the filming site, she saw Johnny wincing in a chair.

The short flaxen hair was slightly disheveled. A pair of gold rimmed glasses was set on the bridge of his nose. Wearing a black linen jacket, he looked like a learned scholar rather than a director.

In this society where a lot of people were lewd and had an affair, it was rare for a man to be so loyal, especially in such a complicated entertainment circle.

This man, from beginning to end, did not want to fight for anything, nor did he want to offend anyone. However, the more pure he was, the more people wanted to insult him.

"Johnny, Miss Cassandra is here for an audition as well, I've asked her and she said that she didn't go to the wrong set and she is your type." Said Jack in a teasing tone.

The moment Cassandra walked into the gate, she attracted the attention of Johnny, not only because of her gorgeous face, but also her clean and unfathomable eyes, as if there was a world hidden in the hole.

Hearing this, Johnny's pale face flushed. He coughed and raised his hand," Miss Cassandra, please sit down."

Then she sat down in the chair opposite to Johnny.

"Miss Cassandra, are you here to interview the heroine? Here is the main scene of the play chosen by director Johnny. You can draw a lot and if you have any questions, you can ask director Johnny directly. After that, you can go to change the play clothes to prepare. " Jack took out a small black box, in which there were some folded paper with the content of the trial performance written.

Shaking her head, Cassandra apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm not here to audition the heroine."

Stunned, Jack blurted out, "are you not here to test on the heroine?"

The audition is more than enough just by the appearance and education of Cassandra, she doesn't come to the audition, Does she sent by Adele go to here to make a mess?

Nodding her head, Cassandra seemed to see through Jack's mind, and she said, "Mr. Jack, don't worry. I'm not here to mess up the show, but I'm just a new comer without any acting experience, so it's better for me to play it step by step steadily and steadily. I've seen the role set of this play by director Johnny before, so I'm here to audition the female supporting role. "

As a matter of fact, what Cassandra said surprised not only Jack, but also Johnny. Most of the supporting role in the play were women of different styles, because only in this way could they set off the heroine's justice and role.

This movie was written by Johnny himself. Although it was only set public part of the role, the female supporting role was a ruthless and evil person in the

play. Such a role was not pleasant to watch. Once it was shown, it was highly likely to be slandered. After all, most of the spectators present were young people who were subject to much gossip. Moreover, Cassandra was a newcomer, If she was to be blackened, it was very likely to end her acting career

Moreover, from the beginning of this play to audition, no one has chosen the female supporting role.

Cassandra was the first one.

"Miss Cassandra, are you sure you want to play the supporting role?" Johnny pressed his lips and asked.

Raising her eyebrows, Cassandra said indifferently," well, director Johnny, are you afraid that I will screw up your efforts if I don't perform well?"

Caught off guard, Johnny coughed to cover his embarrassment, He explained, "you got me wrong, Miss Cassandra. I was just surprised, But since it's Miss Cassandra's choice, I'd like to see how you would act, And I'd like to see the scripts about the supporting role which was chosen by Miss Cassandra."

There was only one scene for a supporting actress. For Johnny, as long as she could act this scene well, she was qualified for all the following scenes. Of course, this scene was not easy to play either. As a professional director, he would select some parts which were very important for the supporting actress.

Jack had thought that Johnny would persuade Cassandra to give up the female supporting role. Unexpectedly, Johnny was also persuaded by the girl.

What a pity for such a talented young woman! "~

With a sigh in his heart, Jack put the little box back and picked up a piece of paper beside and handed it to her. "Miss Cassandra, this is the content of the secondary audition, You can look through it first and ask director Johnny if there is anything that you don't understand."

Cassandra took the thin paper. She held it tightly.

This piece of paper would determine whether she could change her life or not. If she failed, she would have no chance to lose control of Martin.

After taking the paper, Cassandra rested her eyes on the paper, The book "the God of war" in her previous life was so popular that she had also watched it. Especially at the end of the play, the female supporting role in a red dress stood on the top of beacon and wolves' City, in which other people were screaming. There was a touch of indelible sadness in her indifferent and arrogant eyes.

At that moment, she felt unprecedentedly moved when she saw the woman who was teased by fate, becoming cruel and merciless step by step.

That woman was also ambitious. However, the reality was cruel. Her clansmen were destroyed, and her sweetheart betrayed her. She was kind and benevolent. She completely turned into a demonic concubine who made trouble for the country and ended up with killing Empire.

All she did was to fulfill the obsession of the man she once admired.

'if the world let her down, why should she fear?, she will destroy this world, ' she swore to herself!

On the paper, Johnny chose to see the scene that the female second family was killed, and she escaped death on her own. She originally wanted to find her sweetheart, and seize the last life-saving straw. At that moment, she heard that everything was done by her sweetheart.

If everything happened in the past was the mistake of grievance, then she Destroyed everything with a sword!

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