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   Chapter 21 did you go wrong

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At the World Media headquarters in the capital.

The headquarters of the World Media was located in the famous Central CBD business circle in the capital. In order to protect the privacy of the company's celebrities, the company's entry and exit should be strictly checked through the real identity check to prevent privacy from leaking.

At this moment, a black May Bach stopped in a lane beside the World Media.

At first, Cassandra thought that Martin would send her directly to the gate of the World Media. In this way, her identity would be exposed. She didn't expect that Martin was also well considered.

"Okay, I'll call you when I finish the corner test." Cassandra said with a smile, feeling relieved.

Martin nodded his head in approval," okay."

After Cassandra opened the door and got out of the car, she waved goodbye to Martin and then walked towards the headquarters of the World Media.

Inside the May Bach.

"Don't worry, master. The audition has been decided. But the man Cassandra chooses is the most infamous director in the World Media, Are you sure you want to invite her to join in his group?" replied Carlos

Because of his poor reputation and the worst company, he allowed Cassandra to have a try. Otherwise, how could he get her out of his sight and control.

But somehow, Martin felt unsettled, but he couldn't figure out where his uneasiness came from.

"Well, have you found out the background information of that director?", asked Martin

Carlos said," Yes, I've inquired about it with him a long time ago, and I've sent him your private e-mail to tell you the details. I'm reporting the general situation to you. Johnny, a 24-year-old single unmarried man, has a clear background and broad-minded. Generally speaking, he is a very promising director, but there is hard to get a piece of work from him since he started his career. Currently, he's shooting a literary movie which is being reviewed. The script that Cassandra participated in the initial exam is his creative work. I've heard that the script is very powerful, so I have sent it to your mailbox. Please check it yourself. "

Martin grabbed a laptop and clicked on the email. The first thing he saw was a plain picture.

In the photo, a tall man in a pair of golden rimmed glasses stood in the sunset with a light but gentle smile on his face.

His smile seemed to be able to dispel all the haze of the world.

At the sight of that picture, Martin's face darkened, and the air in the car seemed to have been frozen.

At the front row, Carlos suddenly felt a chill on his back. He saw from the corner of his eye that his young master was staring at the computer screen with a gloomy face, and his heart collapsed.

He had a thorough investigation of Johnny, making sure that there was no problem with him, and then sent the information to his master. However, why did his master look so upset

Men's hearts are unfathomable

At the same time, at the World Media headquarters.

After entering the building smoothly, someone guided Cassandra directly to the scene for sea selection. She saw a dense crowd of people as soon as she came out of the elevator.

Cassandra was suddenly at a loss for words. Johnny hadn't become a celebrity yet, and

besides, he didn't do much publicity for this play. So the play should be known to only a few people. She thought that no one would come to the auditorium this time, but to her surprise, there were already a lot of people in the hallway. His popularity was way too high.

"Miss Cassandra, they are here for the interview of young director Adele, Johnny's role is over there." The girl who led the way seemed to see the puzzlement of Cassandra and taunted her.

Adele was a well-known director for the World Media. He not only had a profound background, but also had directed several good movies. He just won a director award of a valuable figure. Therefore, he was currently the most popular director in the industry and a well-known new director for the World Media.

Compared with Adele, Johnny didn't have much family background or resources. The two were in a much worse situation.

The entertainment circle was a place with high social status. So Cassandra had already well prepared for this, but she didn't make any comments. Following the gossip girl, she passed through the crowd and headed for a room at the end of the corridor.

At this time, the girl threw a confused look at Cassandra and said," but why don't you try director Adele's new play?, Why do you choose the most unknown Johnny in our company?"

Cassandra smiled," Everyone has his own ambitions."

The girl shrugged and pointed to a closed door. "This is the trial studio. You can go in."

Looking at the tightly closed black door, Cassandra took a deep breath and knocked at the door. After a while, a fat man in a vest and a pair of black glasses came to open the door.

"Hello, I'm here to audition." Said Cassandra.

The little fat man looked Cassandra up and down and asked," lady, are you going the wrong way? Adele's play is over there. We... "

"I'm here to try on director Johnny's new play," replied Cassandra with a smile

The little fat boy was stunned. To be honest, he was shocked by her appearance and temperament the first time he saw Cassandra. There were never a lack of beauties in the entertainment circle. Although he worked for the World Media, belonging to the FX International Group, he had seen many pretty women, no matter they were fat or thin.

But the woman in front of him, she was not only handsome, but also had an unreadable temperament.

"Well, come on in. I'm the assistant of director Johnny, Jack, May I have your name?" The little fat boy asked with a smile.

When she saw the fat boy who always had a big smile on his face, Cassandra had a mixed feeling, because she knew that in her previous life, after Johnny committed suicide, there was no news of Jack in the entertainment circle since then. It was not until Johnny was rebel that someone finally found him. At that time, Jack was so thin that he could not even walk steadily. At the time, Johnny was rehabilitated, Not long after that, on the day when the release of "the God of war", Jack died of incurable disease.

This young man seemed to be free and unrestrained first, and he was willing to live up to what he had chosen. For him, Johnny was his belief, and his belief to go on.

"I'm Cassandra." Cassandra regained her composure with a gentle smile on her face.

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