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   Chapter 20 I'm not that weak

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A few minutes later

With her head banging on the table, Cassandra thought that Martin would treat her more respectively. However, he didn't expect that he would treat her so badly.

"Well Martin, don't you think you are too strict to be satisfied? " Cassandra pointed at Martin, looking heart broken.

The next second, the man reached out his slender fingers and gently rubbed the place she hit. He frowned. "Does it hurt?"

Cassandra immediately nodded miserably," it hurts, it hurts badly. I think I'm bleeding..."

The man frowned and seemed to be on high alert. Then he picked up the phone on the table with one hand and dialed a number.

Cassandra took a stealthy glance at the man's mobile phone and saw the caller ID on the screen 'Kevin

Kevin, Martin's private doctor, was the doctor in the hospital the day before.

Cassandra was furious. She pounced on the man, grabbed his phone and hung up.

And it all happened so fast. A few seconds later, she was totally stunned.

Damn it! What did I do just now! !

I can't believe that I've snatched the phone from the fiend Martin! !

I must have been belittled! Will he beat me to death?! 'what should I do now? Should I pretend to be insane or should I just go to the temple to solve the problem? I'm so worried!'!

Martin's dark eyes fell on her cheeks. He had seen a lot of her expressions, cold, lonely, scared and hysterical Only to his surprise, there was a look of anger in her eyes

The man's gaze made Cassandra uneasy. Didn't she just snatch his phone? Why did he look so furious!

You can't disobey anyone. You can't offend a big boss.

"I'm going to take the first-aid. Don't move." Before Cassandra was about to break down, Martin suddenly said.

Surprised, Cassandra looked up at Martin Why didn't he get angry?! And he was going to fetch the medicine chest for her Was he the devil she knew?!

It must have been opened in a wrong way

A moment later, Martin came back with a small medicine box in his hand, and Cassandra quietly sat on the chair. He wiped the ointment for her that could promote blood circulation and bruise. At that moment, a sense of coolness and comfort came over her forehead.

"Do you still feel pain?" Martin drew back his hand and asked with concern.

Shaking her head, Cassandra replied, "no, it doesn't hurt It's just a little nudge. I'm not that weak. "

She just touched her forehead a little and asked the doctor to come over. If the doctor knew that, she would be laughed to death. Moreover, she was no longer that fragile girl.

She swore to be an invincible and tough woman this life!

"Don't do such a dangerous thing again. You can check my phone if you like, I don't mind." said Martin

Uh Did he flirt with me again?!

Why didn't she find that Martin was such a bad guy before! !

"Are you sure? What if there is something that I shouldn't see in your phone? For example, which woman sent you an ambiguous message or something? Won't you feel annoyed if I check on you? "

"Well, no," replied Martin, raising his eyebrows

The short answer was three questions.

However, it was true that Martin had kept his chastity and seldom got close to women. After all, women were no

t that stupid to approach him.

"Well, let's drop it and get down to business. In addition to the conditions, what else do you have to say?" Cassandra immediately changed the topic.

Martin calmly glanced at her and replied, "not yet."

There was no answer for the time being!

Cassandra rubbed her eyebrows and pried, "well, I just checked a play, and the World Media is recently selecting a play, I'll audition tomorrow, okay?"

The World Media was the worst company of the FX International Group, but they still had some resources and advantages for a long time. Otherwise, the FX International Group wouldn't let it suffer a loss.

In her previous life, the young director, Johnny got involved in whoring and prostitution, which was the last straw to break the camel's back. And the last movie he prepared before he died was this giant god of war, the most popular actress!

At first, the movie was put aside for a few times. Later, it was not until Johnny was required to act opposite to the movie that the original film he prepared before he died that it was shown in the public again.

Although this movie was not directed by Johnny himself, he was the founder of the script. In addition, the preparatory work of the movie was almost done. After it was displayed, he won the first prize of the first day winner in that movie, and finally became the box office of the movie with amazing achievements.

However, Johnny had been dead. No matter how popular the play was, it was impossible to save the young life.

"Okay, I'll drive you there tomorrow morning." Martin suggested.

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. She swallowed the word "no". The more flattering she smiled, the more flattering she was. "Well, I'll go upstairs and prepare for it. This is the first time I've tried in this concert, I am very nervous."

Watching the excited expression on the girl's face, Martin didn't say anything else. He had thought that as long as she opened her mouth, he could place his hand over her, no matter how much it would cost, let alone the World Media, or even the FX International Group.

But now she just got a chance to have a try. She could be so happy. At that moment, he suddenly realized that he didn't seem to know her at all. Even if he had all the information about her for so many years, even if she was in front of him now, he found that he could not see her through.

Cassandra I won't give you too much chance

So Cherish it

If you still can't let go of that man Then don't blame me for not trusting you

Not until the girl's back disappeared in his sight did he take up the bowl of soup at hand. The soup was a little cold, but he still drank the rest of it.

The next day.

Cassandra got up early in the morning. After washing her face and rinsing her mouth, she chose a plain dress to put on before going downstairs.

Martin was reading newspaper in front of the dining table, When the girl came down, he put down the newspaper in his hands and said, "come here."

Cassandra walked to Martin, he fixed his eyes on her forehead, but didn't find any scars on it. He placed a glass of milk in front of her and said, "I'll drive you there after you finish the milk."

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