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   Chapter 19 not to complement

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In the Yan garden, capital.

There were some home cooking dishes placed on the table, which looked good, smelled and delicious. Although Cassandra and Martin didn't play side with each other in their previous life, they stayed with each other every day for five years. During this period, Carlos had told Cassandra some of Martin's favorite dishes, so she was very clear about what kind of food Martin liked.

"Well Um, Martin, do you like the food? " With expectation on her face, Cassandra looked at Martin.

Martin picked up his chopsticks and put some food into his mouth. It was a very small dish, but for some reason, at that moment, he felt that it was the unique gourmet in the world.

"How is it going?", Cassandra stared at Martin and asked nervously

Martin nodded and said," well done."

Then Cassandra ladled a bowl of soup for Martin and said, "I thought you couldn't take it, You should drink more."

With a glance at the soup in front of him, Martin said slowly, "do you think that I'm in poor health?"

Cassandra was dazed for a second, but soon she understood what Martin meant. Her ears turned red with embarrassment. "No, I'm sorry. I know you are very tired these days because of your busy work Tonic soup Not to make up for that... "


She just couldn't believe it?!

Martin picked up a bowl of soup from the table and ate it slowly. Cassandra was amazed at the soup scene and thought, 'how unfair it is, Even having a bowl of soup, one can mesmerize all living creatures.'.

"The Lu Group has an entertainment company. Which one do you want to go?" Martin suggested abruptly.

After hearing his word, Cassandra looked up at Martin and asked, "do you think I can really choose?"

Martin, at that moment, succumbed to his desire and lowered his head, "it depends on my mood."

What a bad answer!

However, Cassandra had already come up with a plan in her mind. With Martin's possessive desire, he would never let her go to the famous and popular company join hands. In Martin's view, she'd better just go to show her face for fun, but when she found that the game was too boring, she would return to the Yan garden and stay quietly.

So, at this time, Cassandra said in a tentative tone, "in fact, I just graduated. I'm not very familiar with the circle of people. I've tried to make up for the past few days, but I still feel that I'm not good at studying and dare not go to the company which is good for me What do you think of the world media? "

It was a subsidiary of the Lu Group, and at the same time, the Lu Group owned the most miserable Entertainment Group in the world. After several years, it even became a subsidiary of the Lu group to get rid of it completely. Because at that time, a young director of the world

media was involved in the event of prostitution. In order to prevent the negative impact from happening, the world media also took part in the event of the women's prostitution, Because of that, the movie director was completely banned and the media of the whole world was cancelled.

Later, by chance, the young lady who framed the young director unintentionally revealed the truth. However, at that time, the young director was destroyed and had no chance to turn himself over, so he jumped off the building to commit suicide on the day of his own movie, which later became the best singer.

That young director became famous overnight, but he was gone forever.

Martin had thought that Cassandra would choose to work for the FX International Group, or at least, one of the most popular subsidiary companies under the world. It turned out that she would choose the worst company, the world media.

It seemed that this girl really knew nothing about the entertainment industry

Martin nodded his head slightly and said, "Okay, I will ask Carlos to make arrangement for you."

Cassandra immediately shook her head like a rattle drum and said, "no, no way, if Carlos makes the arrangement, they will all know the relationship between you and me. I don't want to be in a nepotism, Besides, it will affect my work, won't it?"

Martin's face darkened with displeasure, Does she just want to have no relationship with him?

There were a lot of women throughout the country who wanted to have relationship with him, Martin

Seeing the gloom on Martin's face, Cassandra was confused. She thought carefully and realized that she had said something wrong.

What a unpredictable man! It was more difficult to coax a woman!

"Are you so afraid of being known about our relationship?" Martin said word by word.

Then, Cassandra said seriously, "of course not! I just don't want to cause you too much trouble. If they know that I am your wife, they will rush up to curry favor with me, won't they? I have to conquer Dylan on my own. If not, I will have no sense of achievement with your light, Can you promise me, Martin? "

Was it because of that

Martin softened his face and conceded," okay."

Cassandra smiled," You are so kind, Martin. I knew you would agree! I love you. "

Looking at the girl in high spirits, Martin immediately regretted. He had a hunch that once the girl went to the world media, it would be hard for her to capture it back.

"I have conditions." Martin suggested abruptly.

But Cassandra was too happy to give it a second thought. "What do you want? I promise I will do as you say! "

"First, don't get close scene. Neither sex scene nor kiss scene. If you really can't avoid it, you can only ask someone else not to touch you..."

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