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   Chapter 19 In Poor Health

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In the Yan Garden

There was a variety of home-cooked dishes arranged on the table, which looked and smelled delicious. Although Cassandra and Martin often fought in their previous life, they had been married for five years. Carlos had told Cassandra some of Martin's favorite dishes. She had a clear idea of what kind of food Martin liked.

"Martin, what do you think of the food?" Cassandra looked at Martin with an expectant look.

Martin hesitantly picked up his chopsticks and took a generous bite of her food. It was a simple and humble dish, but for some reason, he felt like he was eating a unique gourmet meal.

"How is it?" Cassandra looked at Martin and asked in a nervous tone.

Martin nodded in approval with a small smile and said, "It's delicious."

Cassandra proceeded to scoop a bowl of soup for him and said, "I thought you wouldn't like it. Here, you should have some more soup. It is very nutritious."

Martin glanced at the soup in front of him and asked slowly, "What's the soup for? Do you think I'm in poor health?"

Cassandra was stunned for a while and then replied, "No. I just noticed you've been so busy recently. I made you some tonic soup to make you feel better. It isn't like that..."

'What am I saying?

I'm just rambling! I should stop talking!'

Martin picked up the bowl of soup and sipped it slowly. Cassandra looked at him in a daze and thought, 'I can't believe he looks so handsome even when he's drinking soup.'

"The Lu Group has several entertainment companies. Which one would you like to be a part of?" Martin asked abruptly.

Cassandra whipped her head up at Martin and asked, "Do you mean it? Do you think I can choose?"

Martin regretted it as soon as he said that. Upon seeing her smile, he could only say, "It depends on my mood."

'What?' Cassandra rolled her eye secretly.

She knew that Martin was a possessive man, and he would never let her join a big company. He thought she wanted to venture into the entertainment industry out of boredom. Once she was done with her games, she would quit and be a housewife.

Cassandra replied in a tentative tone, "I just graduated. I'm not familiar with the industry. I've tried to make up for my shortcomings these last couple of days, but I still don't think I'm good enough. What do you think of the World Media?"

The company was a subsidiary of FX International Group, which was under Lu Group. The company was not so successful. Not long after, a young director in the

World Media would be involved in a big scandal. To prevent the scandal from tarnishing the entire company's reputation, the director was banned, and FX International Group shut down the World Media.

Later on, the woman who framed the director unintentionally revealed the truth. However, the director was already destroyed by the time and had no chance to redeem himself. He ended up committing suicide on the premier of his last movie, which would, later on, be regarded as a masterpiece.

The young director became famous overnight, but he was no longer around to reap his labor's fruits.

Martin assumed that Cassandra would want to work for the FX International Group, one of the most popular subsidiary companies under the Lu Group. It turned out that she would choose the worst company, the World Media.

It seemed like this woman knew nothing about the entertainment industry.

Martin nodded his head slightly and said, "Alright. I'll ask Carlos to arrange it for you."

Cassandra shook her head and said, "No! If Carlos makes the arrangement, they'll know about our relationship! I don't want to be accused of nepotism. Besides, it might affect my work, wouldn't it?"

Martin's face wrinkled with displeasure. Did she want nothing to do with me?

Many women all over the country would be desperate to be in a relationship with him.

Cassandra was confused by the upset look on Martin's face. She thought carefully and realized that she had said something wrong.

This man was so unpredictable! She felt mentally exhausted.

"Are you afraid of the world knowing about our relationship?" Martin asked slowly.

Cassandra replied in a serious tone, "Of course not! I don't want to bring you trouble. If they find out that I'm your wife, they will butter me up, won't they? I have to make it on my own. If not, I won't have a sense of achievement. Can you promise me, Martin?"

Martin's face softened,

and he relented to her. "Okay," he answered.

Cassandra beamed at him. "You're so kind, Martin. I knew you would agree! I love you."

Staring at the smiling woman in front of him, Martin regretted his decision. He had a hunch that once she entered the entertainment industry, it would be difficult for him to control her.

"I have some conditions," Martin said abruptly.

Cassandra was too excited to give his words some thought. "What are they? I promise I'll do as you say!"

"First, I don't want you in any romantic scenes. No sex or kissing scenes..."

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