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   Chapter 18 he must take a tough path

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 5470

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"Flop -"

Cary almost rolled down from his chair and then crawled on his knees, his voice trembling," it's not me. It's not me. He's definitely set me up Please uphold justice for me! "

In the hall, there was a weird dead silence. At this time, nobody dared to speak for Cary. Even Alfred bowed his head and dared not look at Johnson.

"If you and the elders don't believe my testimony, I can make them admit it in person. I won't let you suffer any grievance." Martin said word by word.

When hearing this, the dull eyes of Cary suddenly burst out the overwhelming killing intent, "you..."

But after uttering only one word, he couldn't make a syllable.

Johnson, the head of the hall, looked at Martin with puzzled eyes for a long time before he said in a deep voice, "Rufus has broken the rule of our clan. Now that he is already punished and he has nothing to do with the Lu clan, From now on, you should drive him out of the Lu clan and he will never have the chance to come back to the capital."

Hearing what she said, Cary felt weak all over. He moved his lips but said nothing.

"As for elder Lucia I will let you dispose of him. What do you think? " He glanced at Martin unhurriedly with a slight smile on his face.

Cary was so frightened that he almost passed out. If Johnson were to punish him, he might have a chance of survival. Even if he lost everything of the Lu family, he still had a son. But if it was in the hands of Martin He had no chance to survive!

With his eyes looking down, Martin said calmly, "yes, Grandpa."

"No Master, I know I was wrong. I will never dare to do it again. I beg you to spare my life. Please don't give me to that bastard... " Cary looked like a maniac. He jumped to Johnson's feet and begged him, holding his feet tightly.

"It was you who had chosen this road, No one should be to blame for this," sighed Johnson

Hearing that, Cary was stiff and sat on the ground. He looked at Johnson with a pale face. Until the people in the hall disappeared one after another, he was still sitting on the ground with a pale face.

A moment later, Carlos came in, He stood behind Martin and asked, "master, what are you going to do with Elder · Lucia?"

On the ground, Cary's back got cold and he stared at Martin in horror.

Martin didn't even look at him," it's winter now, Don't get mad at food."

Cash was a ghost faced Tibetan mastiff raised by Martin. It was quite ferocious, especially a Tibetan mastiff, which was known as the king of a Tibetan mastiff and was highly aggressive.

"You bastard How dare you! I'm an elder of the Lu clan. You can't do this to me You devil! !" The blood drained from his face.

Martin ignored Cary and strode out of t

he hall.

Today he had made a lot of enemies in public. He was already worried about both internal strife and external strife, and it would be hard for him to go on in the future. But he had never chosen an easy path, because his path was always difficult.

All day, Cassandra waited for someone to move the valuable flowers and plants in the yard, and then she went to dig the soil and spread them with seeds. After she watered them one by one, she appeared as a landlord of the old society, and squatted at the stage with satisfaction.

After squatting down for a moment, she took out her cell phone and touched the screen with her slender fingers. A few seconds later, she dialed the number as if she had made up her mind.

At the other end of the phone, Martin was holding a meeting in the conference room. Suddenly, the phone rang and the Lu Group's senior managers were frightened to sweat.


His boss hated being interrupted in meetings the most!

'oh my God! What an asshole!

It was not until the top managers turned dreadfully pale that someone sensed something wrong.

Uh It seemed that the black phone belonged to their boss ……

In the next second, in the stare of the leadership, Martin picked up the phone on the table and connected it.

What was going on?!

Their boss answered the phone during a meeting! !

"Martin, when are you off duty?" A sweet female voice came from the other end of the line.

"What's up?"

Cassandra stretched out her finger, drew circles on the ground, and whispered: "it's getting dark. I've turned the yard over, and waited for you to come back, But you haven't come back for so long."

When he heard her say in a disappointed tone, Martin rolled his eyes and responded, "Okay, I'll be right back."

A tinge of joy appeared on Cassandra's sad face. "Really? I'm going to cook. Oh, you can invite Carlos to join us. After all, we can't eat all of them. "

Martin glanced coldly at Carlos next to him, who was crying in his heart, 'why am I always the one who gets hurt! !

I didn't bring it up. Why are you staring at me like that?

Why don't you star at your wife!

No one loves me. I'm just a cabbage in my hands

"He is busy," replied Martin

The corner of Carlos's mouth twitched. "Well, as long as you are happy..."

"Well, I see. You can invite Carlos to dinner next time, I'm going to cook now," said Cassandra, scratching her head

After Martin ended the call, he put down his black phone and said expressionlessly, "ended the meeting in three minutes."

The others were all confused

'who said today's meeting would last at least three hours! ! !

Three minutes

A man with no temper was not qualified to be a boss

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