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   Chapter 17 just a warning to him

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 4918

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In the hall, there was a frightening silence.

Martin still stood straight in the middle of the hall, with a straight face.

"Done?" Martin raised his head slowly with darkness in his eyes.

He was just standing there casually, but his face seemed to be covered with a layer of invisible frost, and his pure black hair looked very soft. However, even though he looked calm, there was a strong sense of murderous will in an instant, which swept over.

Cary's face suddenly froze. For some reason, when he saw Martin's emotionless but attractive face, he suddenly had an ominous premonition.

Cary forced himself to calm down and sneered," huh! Let me see what waves you can make today! "

Martin stared at Cary for a few seconds, with increasing coldness in his body. After a long time, his icy voice slowly sounded in the hall, "Rufus has embezzled a large amount of public funds, running an underground casino in private, involved in poison and smuggling. In the company, he is also involved in the problem of the company, for example, to protect his mistress According to the family rules, he should be expelled from the Lu clan and shall never step into the capital. I broke his right leg as a warning. What's wrong with it? "

The Hall fell into dead silence as soon as Martin finished his words.

Sweat dripped from Cary's forehead and his face turned pale. He clenched his fists and thumped the table, shouting, "nonsense! As an employee of this company, Rufus had been working very hard and had never embezzled even a penny of this company. How could he have the opportunity to embezzle the huge public funds? Let alone those underground casinos You got him framed! "

Martin replied expressionlessly, "before you came in, I have handed over all the evidence to the police. Whether he is framed or not, the police will find out, Don't worry, uncle."

Cary suddenly paused, a chill of bone came over his back. He stared at Martin, unwilling to accept the truth. Why, why could this bastard turn over at this time!


Gritting his teeth, Cary's eyes turned red with anger. "Martin, anyway, Rufus is your brother. Why did you frame him up again and again! You What intention do you have? "

Martin's eyes dimmed and gave a cold smile," now that you trust him, why are you afraid of the result of the investigation?"

Cary was so angry that his face turned completely red. "You! ! You're being unreasonable! "

Shooting h

im a stare, Martin's face was livid with rage. He responded word by word, "really? Uncle Cary, the captain of public security team and the killer were halfway killed. If I hadn't escaped from the calamity, I would have died on the way to the old house last night. Am I right? Uncle Cary. "

Hearing that, Cary's face suddenly turned pale and shock was reflected in his eyes. He had thought that it was impossible for Martin to know that the murder failed, but he hadn't expected that he had already guessed it all!

No impossible!

The hanging men and killers he sent were especially cautious, so it was impossible for Martin to find any clues!

Moreover, the robbers didn't happen at all last night

Sweat trickled down Cary's forehead. He forced himself to calm down and cast a cold glance at Martin. "How dare you! You framed an elder at will, which is a serious crime! Master, elders, please uphold justice for me. This bastard 'this bastard is just a murderer who moves on the fence, ', he thought! Please come back to me! "

"Aha Frame you? " Martin sneered. His laughter was like a catastrophe to everyone present. They held their breath.

Hearing that, Cary tensed up and stared at him as if he had seen a ghost. Until now, he finally understood one thing that in the eyes of Martin Lu, all the tricks he had thought were perfect It's a complete misunderstanding!

The next second, there came a loud scream like a pig being butchered in the empty hall. It was not until then that people saw that Martin was holding a black mobile phone, on which the screen showed a picture of extremely bloody and cruel.

In the center of the video, a man who was tied up a chair and covered all over with blood was in the corner of a dark room. The man was covered in blood, and even from the screen, one could feel the despair and struggle from his body.

"What do you want What do you want It was Elder · Lucia who asked us to kill Mr. Martin, I am so It was Elder · Lucia. He wanted to kill Mr. Martin He wanted to avenge Mr. Song Please, just kill me, ah... "

The man in the video was almost crazy, and the torture of living was already on the edge of collapse.

The air around him froze, as if it had been frozen into ice.

Cary went deathly pale. He stared at the mobile phone in Martin's hand with an unbelievable look. His brain exploded with a "buzz".

He was doomed

This time, the one who was doomed to die It was him! !

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