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   Chapter 16 I won't let you go!

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 5188

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The black May Bach slowly drove into the gate of Serene Garden. After passing through an empty courtyard, it stopped in front of a very ancient building.

A dozen expressionless men in black suits were standing in front of the building, and a suffocating pressure swept over.

When the May Bach stopped, Carlos got off the car and opened the door. Then, Martin, wearing a black formal suit, calmly got off the car.

"Mr. Seven, according to the rule, you can only go in alone." At this time, a middle-aged man in a Chinese tunic suit stepped forward and said in a low voice.

This middle-aged man was exactly the butler of the old house, and it was Danny, the most trusted confidant of Johnson.

Martin nodded without hesitation and strode into that ancient building. Behind him stood Carlos, who looked worried.

"This is the Serene Garden. No one dares to act recklessly here. Carlos, don't forget your position."

It sounded like Danny was warning Carlos, but he was also reminding him that no matter what kind of struggle was going on in the Lu family, no one dared to cross the line here.

Carlos nodded gratefully," thanks for Danny's suggestion."

Danny snorted and walked inside following Martin.

In the hall of the old house.

At this moment, there were a few old men with white eyebrows sitting in the hall, and several young men with solemn expressions sitting under the hall. The atmosphere in the entire hall seemed to be somewhat strange and silent.

"Click Click... "

Footsteps suddenly came from outside the lobby. Everyone looked at the entrance of the lobby subconsciously and saw Martin in a black suit entering the lobby, poker faced.

In the hall, an old man was holding a cup of top-grade Iron Buddha in his hand. His expression did not change at all, as if he did not see Martin. He took a sip of the tea in his cup and then put it down gently.

This old man was the new master of the Lu clan, Johnson.

At this time, a young girl next to Johnson respectfully handed a hot towel to him. After clearing his hands, he asked in a hoarse voice, "Cary, what's going on?, Why are we here?"

The old man was named Cary, he ranked fourth among the seven elders of the Lu clan and had a lot of power.

Cary's face turned grim as he snorted, "there has been a rule in our Lu clan that one should not hurt his brothers. Now someone not only broke the rule of our clan, but also hurt my grandson. That's why his right leg got crippled for life, and he didn't even pay attention to the elders. He didn't come for many times, How can such a rebell

ious person continue to stay in our clan?"

Hearing what Cary said, everyone in the hall was shocked. Many of his comrades chose to side with him. Of course, some of them were not Alfred's comrades. But why didn't they take the opportunity to trample on Martin.

In the past few years, Martin had been abandoned by the Lu clan, who was unwelcome in the family, and finally he became the successor of the Lu clan step by step. Nobody dared to be more outstanding than him.

Therefore, for a while, most people in the hall stood on the side of Cary, shouting to punish Martin severely.

But on top of the hall, it seemed that Johnson didn't hear their accusation. He looked around and saw a man lying upright in the middle of the hall without any explanation from beginning to end.

"Martin What did you say? " Johnson said suddenly, narrowing his eyes.

The whole hall fell into a eerie silence, and all eyes were on Martin. When they saw his face which was as cold as ice, those who had just kicked him when he was down felt strangely guilty and scared.

Martin raised his head and glanced around the crowd with his icy cold eyes, speaking word by word," I don't know, why did you say that?, Please grant instruction."

Hearing that, Cary's face suddenly darkened, He stared at Martin with a malicious look on his face and sneered, "you don't know why did I say that? How dare you say that it wasn't you who asked people to hit my grandson's leg! Do you dare to say that I and elder Alfred called you back to the old house last night and you didn't show up from the beginning to the end? Martin, Or do you think I dare to set you up in front of the master and the elders? "

The group led by the second elder of the Johnson, Alfred.

At this moment, Alfred said in a deep voice, "Cary is right, I did summon Martin back with him last night, but he didn't come."

Alfred snorted, "did you hear that? Now, it seemed that Martin wasn't the original master of the Lu clan anymore. He became so arrogant and didn't respect the elders like us very much, if he would become the master of the clan That's not good? What's more, he has broken the rules of our clan before. Such an unfilial person doesn't deserve to stay in the Lu clan at all! "

Alfred cast a scornful glance at Martin and said coldly, "I think Cary is right. In the past few years, Martin has gone too far. The Lu family hasn't been slaughtered, and only a few children are left. Such a person is too difficult to be a leader. Please have the chief check that it's time to expel Martin from the Lu family!"

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