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   Chapter 15 I'm not blind

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Inside the May Bach.

Air froze. The man's dark eyes fell on the tablet in front of him. The screen on it was the scene of the hall of Yan garden.

There were surveillance cameras everywhere in the Yan garden. He could naturally see whatever he wanted to see.

But at this moment, the Cassandra in the video was staring at Susan in great astonishment. His face darkened at once.

After all Do you like him?

The air in the car seemed to have frozen at this moment, freezing to the bone.

In front of the car, Carlos felt deeply disappointed. He prayed in his heart, 'God bless my sister-in-law! Don't ask for trouble!'! !

The next second, the astonishment on the girl's face faded away like the tide and then she shook her head firmly. "Sister, don't misunderstand. I was so stubborn before and had no inordinate desires. Now I have figured it out and I have put it down..."

Susan's face was contorted with agony. It seemed that she had made up her mind. She asked, "what if you are the one that Mr. Roger likes? In fact, it is all my fault. I am the stumbling block between you and Roger. Roger admitted it to me last night He likes you. "

Hearing this, Cassandra didn't show any astonishment on her face. She just looked at Susan calmly and smiled, "sister, don't bother to test me again. Since I'm married, my past has been severed, If you don't trust me, I swear here that I will never have any private contact with Mr.GU from now on."

How come

Susan's face turned sullen. How could this idiot really leave Roger behind?!

What went wrong?

Susan gave a wry smile and said, "I'm not worried about him, but Forget it. I made a slip of the tongue just now. We are a family. Don't take it to heart. "

Cassandra shook her head and said in a relieved tone, "of course not, Please don't blame me."

Susan pretended to be considerate and said in a soft voice, "how could it be? By the way, it will be my engagement ceremony with Roger in a few days, You and my brother-in-law must come."

'engagement ceremony...'

In her previous life, she was deceived by Susan and thought that Roger would really give up the engagement ceremony and elope with her, so she tried to escape regardless of all consequences. However, the result was

that Roger didn't pick her up at all. The one who waited for her was a bodyguard brought by Martin. After she was caught and taken back by the bodyguard, Martin was completely out of control at that night And rape her

Moreover, she was locked in a dark room for a long time afterwards. She was not allowed to step out of the room.

The whole plan was planned by Susan herself, but at that time, she had no doubt of her scheming bitch, Susan. Even if she was caught on the spot, she blamed it on Martin.

Cassandra nodded," Of course I will attend your engagement ceremony, but I don't know whether Martin will be available or not, After all, he is very busy."

Susan's eyes darkened and she said with a smile on her face," on such an important day for Roger and I, of course, wish to receive the blessing of you and my brother-in-law."

"Okay, I'll talk to Martin, Don't worry, sister," replied Cassandra

Susan said a few words out of courtesy and then went away. She failed this time and almost got herself in trouble. She didn't expect that she didn't get what she wanted this time.

But even so, she have a way to deal with her. '.

Inside the May Bach.

Seeing the girl went back to demolish the yard, the man's nerves were finally relaxed a little. He turned off the screen of the tablet, and his eyes were filled with inexplicable emotions.

"Master, it seems that sister-in-law has really let go of the past After all, you are much more handsome than that jerk, Roger, " Besides, who has never liked a few scums at a young age? " Carlos immediately flattered him.

The man slightly closed his eyes, and his enchanting face was expressionless at the moment. No one could guess what he was thinking at the moment.

After a long time, the man's deep and hoarse voice rang out in the car, "I will give you double salary for this month, including everyone in the Yan garden."


Damn it! How could he do that?!

And handed him tea!

Somehow, he felt a little bit sad.

He had risked his life to complete a mission for Martin without getting any salary. But now, what he could do was to flatter Mrs. Lu. His salary doubled

He felt heartbroken

As they talked, the car had arrived at the old house, Ning Garden.

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