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   Chapter 14 it's all my fault

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"Plant a carrot here Cabbages in here Get more yams Dug a fish pool in here "Hmm, someone put a frame up in the corner of the wall for me and planted some grapes, I can make wine next year after they finish making fruit."

As Cassandra spoke, she ordered the workers to keep an eye on the courtyard which used to be planted with expensive green plants around Martin. However, it was broken into pieces by her.

Carlos's heart was bleeding. What a waste of God's good gifts!

The garden was in good condition, but it turned into a vegetable garden just because of this. All of them were very accept cabbage. You know, this place is at least millions of dollars a square meter!

"What's wrong, Carlos? Are you feeling sick? You don't look good. " It was until then that Cassandra noticed that there was something wrong with Carlos's face.

'Why do you treat the garden like this?' Carlos cried sadly!

He had been in and out of this place for fear that he might trample down an expensive plant on the ground. Now all the plants had been removed, and home cooking made him more relaxed.

"No, I didn't. i I have something else to do. If you have any requirements, just tell them to do it. " Said Carlos.

"It seems that it's time for Martin to leave too," said Cassandra, curling her lips

Carlos said," Yes, madam. There are too many things to deal with in the company, Master is always busy."

Cassandra clearly knew that Martin was very busy and it was unusual for him to have a few days off. In her previous life, she eagerly hoped that he could stay up until the oil was dry. But at this moment, she suddenly felt a little sorry for him.

Actually, it was not Martin's nature to be so cruel and cold-blooded. He was born in a big family like the Lu clan, and there was no one behind it. If he wanted to survive, to be the master of the Lu clan and become the master of the clan, he had to pay a lot of effort and hardships which were different from ordinary people.

"Well, you can go to work now." Replied Cassandra in a calm tone, hiding her feelings.

Carlos didn't feel anything unusual. He bid farewell to her for a while and left in a hurry.

Although they were completely unharmed after what happened last night, the elders of the Lu clan would not let it go so easily. It was a big crime to disobey the order of the elders of the clan. What's more, elder Lucia tried to sow dissension among them

Soon after Martin left, a servant came in and reported that Susan had come to see her.

As Cassandra was giving orders to demolish the courtyard, a flash of mockery flitted across her eyes. This Susan was exactly the same as her previous life, because she had seen Martin at

the wedding, and she couldn't wait to come here today. She deliberately guided her to escape from the Yan garden, deliberately alienating her relationship with Martin.


Does she still think I am as stupid as before? '?

But if she had not experienced those conspiracies in her previous life, how could she see through the true colors of Susan and Roger? What a perfect couple!

"Please let her wait in the hall, I'll be there soon." Cassandra lowered her head and pretended to be calm.

"Yes, madam."

Cassandra stood still for a moment before walking into the hall.

In the hall of the Yan garden.

Susan, in a white dress, elegantly sat on the sofa. She originally came here today and thought that she could run into Martin, but to her surprise, she was late, because he had already gone out.

But it just happened!

Only when Martin was not there did she have enough confidence to persuade the stupid Cassandra to leave the Yan's garden.

A sharp light flashed in Susan's eyes, but she still kept an elegant and noble look. Even the servant couldn't help but take a few more looks at her. No wonder that she was the most famous star in the entertainment circle, with such an outstanding temperament.

At this moment, Cassandra just came in from the outside. When she saw Susan, she immediately walked over with a smile. "Why didn't you tell me in advance? I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. "

Susan smiled gracefully and said, "I'm flattered. You just got married, and I'm worried that you may not get used to the life here, so I come here to see you and say something nice to you."

Cassandra pretended to be moved, She gazed at Susan with tears in her eyes and said, "sister, you are so kind to me. You are so I'm so moved. "

Susan thought to herself and sneered, 'this idiot is so easy to fool. Just a few words of mine have made Cassandra trust me, It seems that I have overestimated her intelligence.'.

Susan smiled and said, "if they really care about me, how about letting them go downstairs?"

Then Cassandra nodded, "okay, You may leave now."

The servants didn't dare to disobey the new lady and immediately exited. In the hall, only Susan and Cassandra were left.

After the servants went out, Susan sighed and Cassandra asked, "what's wrong with you sister? Why did you sigh? "

Susan looked at her and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Her face was full of regret. "It's all my fault. It's all my fault..."

Cassandra asked worriedly," what happened?"

Susan hesitated for a few seconds and then said in a low voice, "in fact, I always know that you like Roger, But this time, you agreed to marry Martin for him, right?"

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