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   Chapter 13 who are you talking about

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The next morning.

As soon as Cassandra opened her eyes, she saw everything she was familiar with in the room. There was no one beside her, and only Martin had left.

Outside the window, the melodious bird singing sounded. All this was almost the same as the previous life. She was in a daze in bed for quite a while before she remembered that it was not in her previous life.

She tried her best to get peace. In this life, she didn't provoke Martin purposely. Instead, she tried her best to please him and hoped for a glimmer of life under his watch.

But then again, she did deserve it in her previous life. It was true love for Martin not to strangle her out of anger.

Cassandra got up from the bed, washed her face and rushed downstairs.

In the downstairs, as he had done in her previous life, Martin sat still and was reading newspapers in front of the dining table. He didn't put down the newspapers until he saw Cassandra go downstairs, He waved at Cassandra and said, "come here."

Cassandra jogged to him and sat down obediently beside him, Martin put a glass of milk in front of her and said, "the breakfast is made according to your favorite taste, Have a try to see if you like it."

Cassandra glanced at the food on the table and burst into tears, 'what a rich man!

What's more, do you think I'm a pig? There are so many food that she won't be able to eat them all! !

However, she would like to remember that Martin was very picky at food and he could taste the slightest difference in taste. Thus, the chef of the Yan's garden was often kicked out because of this.

After she drank a mouthful of milk, she said, "in fact, you don't have to prepare so many things And I can cook. How about I cook for you in the future? "

In her previous life, she had concentrated on cooking for Roger. However, instead of getting grateful to her kindness, Roger jeered at her over and over again. When she went back to the Lu family, she deliberately prepared many dishes to irritate Martin. Even so, she was still good at cooking.

The back of Martin was slightly stiff, and his deep eyes slowly looked at Cassandra, After a long time, he said in a hoarse voice, "Okay, don't be too tired."

Cassandra immediately shook her head and denied," no, no, No, If I can't do such a little thing well, I'm not a good fo

r nothing!"

Giving her a brief glance, Martin said, "it's not a big deal to be a good for nothing."

Cassandra was choked by his words and thought, 'he only wants me to be a good for nothing.'!

Then she would never be able to escape from his control.

As Cassandra curled her lips, she didn't feel sad at all and grumbled, "Martin, how could you say that about your wife?"

When he heard the word "wife" from the girl, Martin felt pleased and said, "sorry, it's my fault."

Instantly, Cassandra smiled, "that's good. I won't haggle over with you. But I have to cook for you, Can I borrow your yard?"

"Borrow the yard?", asked Martin, with a thoughtful look on his face

Carlos was also confused. Well, what did Cassandra want to do this time?!

Why did he have an ominous premonition

Cassandra nodded and seemed to expect something very much, She said, "yes, I want to grow some vegetables in the courtyard. It would be better to dig a fish pool. We can keep some fish, watch flowers, fish, taste wine and even raise a pet in the future, That's what life is!"


Everything was going in an orderly manner in the Yan garden. Even the servants came and went on at a given time, and no one dared to neglect the precious flowers and plants raised in the yard

The Yan garden was like a cage that was surrounded and cast without a single thread of smoke.

No one dared to put forward a new idea, nor did they dare to provoke the defiance of Martin. It was all ruled by this indifferent and cold-blooded man.

Martin's eyes were as cold as ice. Finally, he gave a smile as if thousands of stars were shining in the darkness and looked so beautiful.

"Okay," said Martin with a slight smile

Cassandra jumped out of the chair excitedly and kissed the man on the cheek quickly, then pushed him away and turned to Carlos: "let's go, Carlos, Let's pull down the yard!"


Well, as long as you are happy

At that time, the only feeling in Carlos's mind was that his sister-in-law was totally a wild horse without rein

"The first day she married master, she is going to demolish the yard, Tomorrow, will she even demolish the entire Yan's garden?"

However, from the appearance of his master, his master wouldn't even blink an eye even if she really wanted to tear down the entire Yan garden!

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