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   Chapter 13 Can I Use Your Garden

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The next morning

As soon as Cassandra opened her eyes, the room looked as it did right before she fell asleep. Martin had left before she woke up, and now there was no one beside her.

Outside the window, she heard the melodious chirping of the birds. Everything was almost the same as it was in her previous life. She was in a daze for a moment until she remembered that she had a new life now.

She tried her best to be at peace with where she was now. In this life, she wouldn't provoke Martin on purpose. Instead, she would try her best to please him, and she hoped to have a better life with him by her side.

In her previous life, she didn't deserve his kindness. He must've loved her so much because he didn't kill her despite all the things she had done to him.

Cassandra stepped out of bed and freshened up before she rushed downstairs.

Martin was seated at the dining table and quietly read his newspaper. Seeing Cassandra come downstairs, he waved her over and said, "Come and have breakfast."

Cassandra walked over and took the seat next to him. Martin placed a glass of milk in front of her and said, "I made sure that breakfast was made to your taste. Have a try and see if you like it."

Cassandra glanced at the food on the table, and her eyes widened in shock. 'What a wealthy man!

Do you think I'm a pig? There's so much food on the table; I won't be able to eat it all!'

She remembered that Martin was a picky eater, and he could notice slight differences in taste. He had fired many chefs.

She took a sip of the milk and said, "You didn't have to ask the chef to make so much food. Besides, I know how to cook. Would you like me to cook for you from now on?"

In her past life, she learned how to cook for Roger. However, instead of feeling grateful for her actions, Roger mocked her. After she married Martin, she deliberately cooked awful dishes to irritate Martin.

Martin's back stiffened, and he stared at her for a while. Then he said in a hoarse voice, "I would like that, but don't tire yourself."

Cassandra shook her head and said, "No, I don't mind at all! If I can't even do this for you, then what use do I have here?"

Martin glanced a

t her briefly and said, "It's okay; you don't need to worry about making yourself useful here."

Cassandra was surprised by his words. 'Does he expect me to do nothing all day?'

She would never be able to escape from his grasps if she did nothing.

Cassandra scowled and said, "How could you say that to your wife?"

When he heard the word "wife" fall from her lips, he was pleasantly surprised. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

Cassandra smiled at him and said, "Good. I won't argue with you about this. Since I'm going to cook for you, can I use your garden?"

"What?" Martin questioned with a puzzled look.

Carlos was also confused by her question. What was Cassandra planning to do this time? She better not cause any trouble!

Carlos had a bad feeling about this.

Cassandra nodded and said, "I want to grow vegetables in the garden. It would be nice to have a fish pool too. We can eat fresh fish every day. We can go fishing, drink wine, and raise pets in the future! That sounds like a good life, what do you think?"

A good life?

Everything was done in an orderly manner in Yan Garden. The servants went in and out in scheduled times, and no one dared to neglect the precious flowers and plants in the garden.

The Yan Garden was like a beautiful cage instead of a home.

No one dared to change the way they did things, nor did they defy Martin's orders. The indifferent and cold-blooded man ruled the place.

The coldness in Martin's eyes melted, and he smiled brightly at her. His smile looked like thousands of stars dazzling in the darkness. It was a beautiful sight.

"Alright," Martin nodded.

Cassandra jumped out of her seat in excitement and ran over to press a kiss on his cheek. She then ran over to Carlos and said, "Let's go to the garden, Carlos!"


Well, as long as you're happy..."

Carlos couldn't believe Cassandra was actually such a lively woman.

'Right after she married Martin, she wanted to grow vegetables in the garden! What's next? Does she want to redecorate the entire Yan Garden?'

Judging by Martin's look, Carlos believed he wouldn't even bat an eye if she wanted to tear down the whole Yan Garden.

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